MMOBugs MQ2 Beta Server - Latest Release

I find the updates useful, at least in previous betas I did. Was going to play with this this weekend, but is down right now.
I've skipped updating MQ2 for Beta for the last 4 days, and haven't heard a peep from anyone.

It's about 45mins a day to do an update, which I don't mind doing if people are using it, but if it's not useful to anyone I'm going to stop doing them. It looks like some of beta stuff has been moved over to test server with latest patch there.

Let me know if beta MQ2 is any use for any members.

Design lock should be tomorrow? I think.

Doing a last one might last until launch?
I use it but it's not a necessity or anything. If I'm the only one using it, there's really no point to continually update it as we are about done with all the beta testing and we've already beat all the raids as they are currently designed.