MMOBugs MQNext Installation Problem Report Thread - 26 February 2022 Release


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Jan 31, 2005
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Please be sure you are using MMOLoader.exe

This thread is for feedback concerning the latest release. Simply reply to this thread with the information requested below to report any problems or concerns relating to this release.

Helpful Links:

MMOBugs Plugin List Wiki - For finding plugin commands and features.

Update Your Ingame Maps - Keep your ingame maps up to date.

Download MQ2Nav Mesh Files - MQ2Nav is the best way to navigate around zones, and requires downloading large mesh files for each zone.

MMOBugs Macro Repository - Macro repository.

MQNext will not function on Windows 7. It was end of life over two years ago and it has somewhere around a hundred unpatch vulnerabilities


Having a problem?

MQ2 requires Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 and .Net Framework 4.7.x installed. If MMOLoader is not injecting into EverQuest, or you are getting error popup about missing a DLL file, please use the link above and install the x86 and v4.7.x versions.

If you are reporting an issue with this compile please use the Send Debug Report from MMOLoader. You can also post here with any general issue, or even to just let me know you sent a report. If you expect a personal response, in email or this thread, then provide feedback in the comment box provided in the debug report, and provide an email address. If not, then I will look at the report and make any decisions I need to based on that, but will NOT respond to you personally in email or this thread.

You're welcome to email me at for any reason. Please state your mmobugs forums user name in the email so I know who to contact on forums if needed.

If you want some 1:1 support, we can try to arrange an appropriate time window to use Skype, or RDP support invitation, or TeamViewer for me to try to help with your issue. I am also willing to log into your EQ character to try to resolve issues. Note that in order to do so, I require you to change your password to a temporary password, that you will then change back after I am done. I don't need/want access to anyone's account for any more time than necessary. Of course, many will not want to do this, and that's 100% fine - I just want you to know it's an available option.

If the Debug Report isn't locating your dump(s) automatically, or you are manually sending a report, there are a few locations they might reside:

  1. The 'Logs' directory, under your EverQuest installation folder. For example, if EverQuest is installed in C:\Program Files\Sony\EverQuest, then the file will be C:\Program Files\Sony\EverQuest\Logs\debug.dmp.
  2. C:\Crash
  3. %LOCALAPPDATA%\CrashDumps
  4. %TEMP%\SCE\wws_crashreport

Note that you can always send in feedback/comments/info even without a dump. Just right-click mmoloader tray icon, Send Debug Report, and put in any info you want, attach any files (screenshots, logs, etc.) you want, and send it in.

Note that debug reports are protected on the server, so only those with the need (a couple of us) even have access to them. The 'user' mmoloader sends them up as doesn't even have access to them after sending it, fyi. Nobody else is going to get hold of your debug reports. :)

Examples of some things you can add to your Debug Report (feedback box) or in a post here:

  • Description of the problem you are having - be as detailed as possible.

  • What plugin you are having an issue with (if known).(*) If applicable, attach your INI file for the problem plugin to the debug report (additional files button), and if you are worried about it, then just send a copy with any account/toon names changed or removed. NOTE: INI files for plugins can be found in your MQ2 directory). Macro INI files usually are in your Macros directory.

For connectivity and crash issues, a few things to try and eliminate as possible issues:

  • Try restarting mmoloader.
  • Try rebooting your PC.
  • Try disabling firewall/antivirus/antispyware.
  • If you use WinEQ2, Isboxer, or Innerspace, try EQ without it.
  • If you use a Custom UI, try using Default.

If you are crashing when STARTING the game, it's VERY common to be your graphics drivers/directx/EQ installation:

  • Try making sure you have the latest video drivers for your card. Use a cleaner utility (for AMD or Nvidia or Intel or whoever) to remove, reboot, then install latest, reboot.
  • Make sure your directx is fully up to date (google dxwebsetup).
  • Save your EQ install to a temp directory (rename it or whatever), and reinstall fresh, to see if you continue to experience the issue(s). It's common for some rogue setting or other file in the EQ directory to cause this kind of crash.

Here is some additional information on setting full debug dumps as well as how/what to send me via Debug Report window, if you want to provide additional information that may be helpful in resolving your issue:

If you want, you can configure your system to create full crash reports, e.g. in C:\Crash, and then when you crash it should find the proper full one (you can tell by the filename, the mini and full should have the same data/time stamps).

First, you can use one of microsoft's debugging tools, shown here: Taking Dumps with the ADPlus executable - Dan's WebDAV 101 - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

Keep in mind if you are having full dump crash creation issues, having no (or too small) of a windows swap file (paging file) can cause that issue.

Save this as EQDumps.reg and then double-click to import to your registry:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting\LocalDumps\eqgame.exe]
You can also, if you want, do a few of these:

1) In macroquest.ini (before you run EQ), turn on debug logging: DebugSpewToFile=1
-- That will create a DebugSpew.log in your MQ2 Logs directory (Or whatever you have the Logs directory set to in macroquest.ini)

2) Turn on EQ logging (/log)

3) Zip up your UI directory (for your custom one)

4) Hit winkey+r (or run), and run: dxdiag
--- When it asks to check if your drivers are digitally signed, click Yes. Click the Save all Information button, and save to a file (default dxdiag.txt)

On the crash when you are sending full and/or mini, click the round button at bottom for additional files, and attach:

DebugSpew.log (in mq2 logs dir)
EQ char logs (in eq logs dir)
dbg.txt (in eq logs dir, please collect before starting another eq session in that directory, or it will be cleared/overwritten with info that doesn't relate)
your UI zip
your crashing toon's .ini files from the EQ dir
your dxdiag.txt (or whatever you called it)

If you don't mind, also check the option in debug report to send past XX windows log entries (try to click that soon as the debug report window opens, so you get the ones closest before crash)

I'll try to review all that stuff and see what I can do.

If you feel uncomfortable sending me any particular item (due to toon names), that's cool, I won't take offense - but your names are safe with me.

NOTE: To see where your MQ2 files are located, right-click MMOLoader tray icon, and click System Information. In that window, you will see "MacroQuest2 Installed In". You can even hover your mouse over where it says "MacroQuest2 Installed In", click it, and it will open an explorer window in that directory.
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Hi Fry,
I may have missed something, but do you plan to update the regular loader? im still a poor W7 player...
Plugins using "FlushInstructionCache" wont function 100% correct. (MQ2NoGold, MQ2DoCrack, MQ2SpeedUtils, MQ2WickedSpeed & MQ2ReachIt)
/assist is causing a crash
Plugin MQ2VladUtils is missing also MQ2EQWire
what I have used it for years is so you can type
/plu melee vs doing /plugin mq2melee
just a faster way to load and unload plugins
there were also some plugins in last MQ2Next that are nowhere here are they gonna be permanently gone :( ?
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mq2eqwire is pointless in next as next has it built in it. hit the eq button in game, then you can open macroquest settings and adjust it there.
wow never saw that from in game EQ button before thats very new to me
Im also hopeful to one day use Entropy and there is a plugin they say they use (need) it was in the last EQNext i was using but not here (MQ2Collections)
also what feature gave us those hotkeys in the grp window (mimic follow etc)
Crashes with MyButtons loaded just before ingame.
I think the one your looking for is mq2targetinfo which should be part. And i think all the required plugins for entropy are in the current build
Mmobugs installed from the installation package fine (after disabling virus protection and adding an exception to the folder) and once I opened the game the recent updates windows would appear on the character select screen fine. However.... once I entered game the window would not pop up and when i camped and went back to the character screen the windows were gone.
I can only get them to appear again if I completely log out of EQ and re-load, yet they do not appear in game, so I have no access to Mmo.
On macroquest the "refresh injections" do not do anything.

Was working fine with the MacroQuest version you linked earlier in the week. just not Mmobugs.


I deleted the original installation and extracted the zipped up version. Run the loader from here and all is working fine. Did this on both of my PC's.

It looks like the installation package is messing things up. The UI files were not in the right place - MQ2Next/UiFiles/UiFiles/Default
In the extracted package they are in resources/UiFIles/Default.
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one account keeps getting this every time I load it in, why would 1 account crash and not others?
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i thought by removing 1 of the 2 icons (leaving just mmonext that would work but u need both) anyways gonna try to salvage old mq2next to at least be able to get in game
I saw the mmonext decided to go to it late last nite
came back today and after several hours of crashing instantly I need a break damn it this is annoying I was at least running prior to this release
Norrathian PM'ed me about a bug in MQ2Overseer selecting randomly bad agents. Tracked it down to a change in the way the strings were getting processed. I've submitted the 'fix' that should force the agents to get rescanned. - Thanks Norrathain for the bug report.
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Hi Fry,
I may have missed something, but do you plan to update the regular loader? im still a poor W7 player...
I think I have the same question, is the loader not going to update as before, am I going to have to switch now to next and redo everything?
had multiple crashes on clerics then a ton of toons crashed not sure why sorry wish i could help more but initially it was just clerics
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Some of the same issues as seen in discord, MQ2Bot works on some toons, but on casting, they crash.