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Aug 27, 2006
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Albuquerque, NM
Please be sure you are using MMOLoader.exe if you wish to use any MMOBugs private plugin.

MMOLoader will NOT check for updates if EverQuest is running. This includes if you start MMOLoader after EQ is already running. To ensure you always have the latest updates, run MMOLoader or 'Check for Updates' from the tray icon, BEFORE you start EverQuest.

For a list of plugin commands please read our MacroQuest2 FAQ

MMOBugs MacroQuest2 compile fulfills GPL requirements. If you believe anything in this compile breaches GPL please contact us.

Please do not share your MMOBugs username information or MMOBugs Compile with others or your account subscription will be removed!

  1. Download MMOBugs MQ2 Updater
  2. Run the downloaded file, and properly select your installation directory.
  3. Run MMOLoader.exe and apply appropriate updates.

DOWNLOAD LINKS: (Click one of the choices below to Download)
UPDATES: MMOLoader will automatically update these files if you allow it. If you would like to update them yourself, click each filename below to download, and overwrite the appropriate file in your MQ2 directory:

MQ2 requires Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 installed. If MMOLoader is not injecting into EverQuest, or you are getting error popup about missing a DLL file, please use the link above and install the x86 version.

Known Issues:

  • None
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Prior to 15 Sep 2009: Changes:

09-08-2009 by htw

  • New mmoloader with autoupdating, patch notice, and other features
  • Major performance increase with mq2mmobugs + related plugins
  • Fixed MQ2Mastermind for problem of echo if master is in list as global, but connecting as slave
  • MQ2PiggyZone minor help clarifications
  • Changed "Incorrect client version" to be more descriptive for members
  • Fixed MQ2AutoBuff for issue of not starting sometimes
  • Fixed MQ2AutoForage not foraging (even with startforage) after char change
  • Updated MQ2ChatFilter with built-in filter for *censored buttstain site*
  • MQ2DoCrack updated to fix several issues, such as ZoneLock not showing in list, autoload failing 1st entry...
  • MQ2DoCrack updated so if DisableWelcomeScreen=on is in [MQ2DoCrack_AutoLoad] section of MQ2DoCrack_default.ini, it will be enabled at 1st login
  • Fixed MQ2MMOXp
  • Updated to latest MQ2Melee, with updated Calanin's Synergy/Stunning Kick combo
  • Updated MQ2MMOPopup so default parameters are more conducive to common use, & inclusion of common colors in INI

08-20-2009 by htw

  • Updated to sync installer versions
  • Added MQ2Languages

08-19-2009 by brainiac

  • Updated for patch
  • Updated to core 20090819
  • Fixed Languages docrack

08-18-2009 by htw

  • Updated to core 20090817
  • MQ2PiggyZone update for SOD/POR/etc.
  • MQ2Melee updated
  • MQ2NetBots updated to allow getting bot entry buffs/songs/petbuggs by name
  • Tuned mmobugs login status checks, no zone required now
  • Fixed MQ2AutoSkills
  • Changed MQ2AutoDestroy to allow lore options
  • Changed several plugin gamestate checks to prevent suprious CTDs.

08-13-2009 by brainiac

  • Updated for latest patch
  • Added MQ2AdvLoot
  • Updated docracks

07-17-2009 by htw, wickedmofo, fry

  • Updated to core 20090616
  • Removed NoWelcome docrack and MQ2NoWelcome (will add to loader)
  • Added MQ2DpsAdv, MQ2CapsLock, MQ2SwitchChar (thanks to the authors)

07-15-2009 by htw, wickedmofo, fry

  • Update for patch
  • Added MQ2DPSAdv, MQ2CapsLock & MQ2SwitchChar

06-24-2009 by htw, wickedmofo, fry

  • Updated for patch
  • Updated to core 20090624

06-22-2009 by Htw

  • Updated to core 20090621 (fixes from ieatacid & rswiders, see mq2 changes)
  • Updated to MQ2Melee 5.226
  • Added MQ2NoWelcome
  • Added MQ2RangeTLO

06-19-2009 by Htw, WickedMofo, Fry

  • Update for today's patch

06-16-2009 by htw

  • Memcheck/chat/cxwnd fixes (official)
  • Updated to MQ2Melee 5.223
  • Updated to latest MQ2GemTimer
  • Couple of docrack corrections

06-12-2009 by Fry, WickedMofo

  • Fixes for MQ2ReachIt and MQ2Stealth

06-12-2009 by Fry, WickedMofo, Unity0110

  • Updated for today's patch

06-11-2009 by Fry

  • Updated for today's patch

05-28-2009 by htw

  • Updated MQ2Melee for kneestrike, gutpunch, opfrenzy
  • Fixed INI issue with MQ2NetBots
  • Correction for some docrack entries (e.g., hiderun)
  • Addition of DisableWelcomeScreen docrack (ieatacid)

05-21-2009 by htw

  • Updated for today's patch
  • MQ2Melee default hide/sneak delay 0
  • MQ2Melee added BER Overpowering Frenzy.
  • Fixed MQ2Stealth.
  • Fixed MQ2ReachIt.

05-17-2009 by htw

  • Updated to core 20090515
  • Fixed MQ2Missing
  • Fixed MQ2VladUtils
  • Fixed /ubertrade
  • Fixed /usemerch

05-14-2009 by htw

  • Updated for today's patch
  • Updated for latest MQ2Melee
  • Updated /sumcorpse for patch
  • Updated MQ2AutoBuff (fix for inventory index)
  • Updated MQ2Krust to latest

04-12-2009 by htw

  • MQFamKiller updated
  • MQ2TaskTLO added
  • MQ2AutoBuff added
  • MQ2PiggyZone updated (group/pc checks thru chain)
  • MQ2Web updated
  • MQ2Main updated (ieatacid)
  • MQ2PCSafety updated. (unity0110)

04-07-2009 by htw

  • Updated for todays patch
  • Latest MQ2Melee (5.213)
  • MQ2Web fixed
  • MQ2Loops added

03-19-2009 by htw

  • Updated for todays patch

03-16-2009 by htw

  • Updated to core 20090315a
  • Updated MQ2Melee
  • Minor misc changes
  • Added MMOBugsNews window
  • Added options to disable news windows
  • Made MQ2DoCrack auto-reset active cracks on plugin unload

03-15-2009 by htw

  • Updated to core 20090315
  • Updated MQ2Melee to 5.207
  • Updated MQ2Krust
  • Updated MQ2AutoAcceptTrades (Sadge)

03-14-2009 by htw

  • Fixed MQ2Melee
  • Fixed MQ2LinkDB2
  • Fixed several MQ2DoCrack entries

03-13-2009 by htw

  • Updated to core 20090312a
  • Updated installer.
  • Added delay option to MQ2AutoRez
  • Updated MQ2AutoSize
  • Added common option to MQ2ChatFIlter
  • Updated MQ2EQBC & MQ2EQBCS to latest
  • Updated to latest MQ2NetBots
  • Updated to latest MQ2NetHeal
  • Updated default MQ2Map.ini to have corpses turned on for new corpse options
  • Added /windows open

02-22-2009 by htw

  • 02-22-2009 by htw
  • Fixed missing named mobs in some zones
  • Added MQ2MMOXp for lifetime
  • Fixed /sumcorpse
  • Updated MQ2EQBC
  • Updated MQ2EQBCS
  • Updated MQ2AutoSize
  • Updated MQ2MoveUtilsb
  • Rewrote MQ2AutoDestroy

02-13-2009 by htw

  • Updated to core 20090212a
  • Fixed MQ2Web
  • Fixed NoBlind

02-12-2009 by htw

  • Updated for patch
  • Updated MQ2MMOBugs

01-20-2009 by htw

  • Updated for 20090120a
  • Updated MQ2AutoDestroy
  • Updated MQ2DoCrack
  • Updated MQ2GMCheck
  • Updated MQ2Melee
  • Updated MQ2MMOBugs
  • Updated MQ2PiggyZone
  • Updated MQ2Targets
  • Added MQ2WinTitle
  • Updated MQ2G15 (brainiac)
  • I'll try to get details in later of the specifics for what I updated.

12-31-2008 by htw

  • Updated for 20081229
  • MQ2Twist updated.
  • MQ2AutoAfk changed to only turn on trib/ps or resume macro, if they were automatically turned off.
  • MQ2AutoAfk load warning (MQ2 chat window line) to verify your away reason (default away is EMPTY).
  • Removed MQ2AutoAfk, MQ2FilterSet & MQ2FPS from default macroquest.ini.
  • Changed MQ2AutoRez to load options from MQ2AutoRez.ini, if char/server specific INI is not found.
  • Changed MQ2AutoForage. It should now be reliable & keep foraging on/off status, across zoning.
  • Added ability to have MQ2AutoGroup automatically add your own char names to the INI as you log them in (see /autogroup help).
  • Changed MQ2AutoGroup to refresh authorized names list when checking names (helps with multi-box).
  • Changed MQ2AutoGroup to not add duplicate names.
  • Changed MQ2AutoGroup to look for Name0 (old config), will automatically convert INI starting with Name1 (new config).
  • MQ2MMOBugs should no longer cause you to get an erroneous "banned" message.
  • Compile no longer includes a default MQ2AutoAfk.ini.
  • Added MQ2LogOutClick, which you can set to default to clicking Yes or No for Log Out popup window in game.
  • MQ2Melee - Added various War, Rog, Pal, Bst skills.
  • MQ2Melee - Fixed Rog FS Stab.
  • MMOLoader updates, including the latest plugin configuration module.
  • Deleted duplicate Sky.mac, and renamed Skylap.mac properly to Skylab.mac.
  • Installer (exe) detects windows 2000, and will download gdiplus.dll.

12-25-2008 by htw

  • Updated for 20081225 (memcheck fix)
  • /docrack save command added
  • /autogroup in MQ2MasterMind changed to /mmautogroup (conflicted with MQ2AutoGroup)
  • /mmoversion command added to MQ2MMOBugs
  • Made installer install MQ2DoCrack.ini (no longer optional)
  • MQ2DoCrack now uses personal INI files for autoload & window settings
  • Fixed MQ2DoCrack window location/size/etc. saving

12-23-2008 by htw, wickedmofo

  • Updated for 20081223a (macro fix)

12-23-2008 by htw, wickedmofo

  • Updated for patch.

12-21-2008 by htw

  • Loader option for alert if MQ2 crashes
  • MQ2GMCheck option to ignore corpses.
  • MQ2Melee skills added.
  • ChatFilter default filter handling updated.
  • FilterSet commands changed to not interfere with /fs (now uses /filsave & /filload)
  • MQ2AutoAfk ps/trib defaults changed to off for new entries

12-13-2008 by htw, wickedmofo

  • Merged changes from MQ2-20081211a:
    • Fixed a bug in the pet window with BuffFadeETA (dkaa)
    • Turned off macro error logging by default because it causes crashes if the log file is unwriteable (dkaa)
  • Allow MQ2PiggyZone custom INI
  • Updated MQ2Krust

12-11-2008 by htw, wickedmofo

  • Updated for 12-11 patch (MQ2-20081211).

12-10-2008 by htw, wickedmofo

  • Updated for 12-09 patch (MQ2-20081210).
  • Updated MQ2EQBC.

12-06-2008 by htw

  • Changed MQ2FilterSet to allow Premium instead of Lifetime only. Added group filter capability.
  • Major overhaul of MQ2AutoGroup. Also allows guild setting.
  • Adjested MQ2ChatFilter for case check. Also settings moved to individual chars, instead of global.
  • Added healing potions XIV to MQ2Melee.

11-28-2008 by htw

  • Fixed MQ2Melee, also now has 16 downshit/holyshit possible.
  • Fixed MQ2FamKiller random CTD.
  • Fixed MQ2Targets popup display.
  • Fixed MQ2GMCheck empty name report ().

11-26-2008 by htw

  • Updated to match MQ2-20081105
  • Updated MQ2PiggyZone
  • Updated MQ2AdvPath
  • Updated MQ2CastTimer
  • Updated MQ2Debuffs
  • Updated MQ2EQBCS (server)
  • Updated MQ2EQBC (client)
  • Updated MQ2FamKiller
  • Updated MQ2LinkDB
  • Updated MQ2Melee
  • Updated MQ2MoveUtils
  • Updated MQ2NetBots
  • Updated MQ2NetHeal
  • Updated MQ2RelayTells
  • Updated MQ2SpellTimer
  • Updated MQ2Twist
  • Updated MQ2MMOWarp
  • Updated MQ2MMOBugs
  • Added /popcustom to MQ2Main

10-29-2008 by Brainiac, WickedMofo

  • Merged changes from MQ2-20081029
  • removed /rezzme

10-23-2008 by Brainiac

  • Merged changes from MQ2-20081022a (Mercenary changes)
  • Fixed /warp compass - warp to location indicated by compass
  • Added /warp return - return to position prior to last warp
  • Added /warp help - displays more information about /warp commands
  • Added optional distance parameter to /warp front, behind, right and left
  • If MacroQuest.ini or MQ2ChatWnd.ini are not writeable, MQ2 will try to make them writeable.

10-22-2008 by Brainiac

  • Fixed group target data
  • Modified MQ2MMOBugs login status to be less intrusive.

10-21-2008a by Brainiac

  • Added pinkfloydx33's caption fix
  • Merged changes from MQ2-20081021b

10-21-2008.1 by Htw

  • Corrected for new level cap.
  • TrainAny docrack correction.

10-21-2008 by Brainiac, Htw

  • Updated for new expansion, welcome to the Seeds of Destruction!
  • Loader v1.8.4.0
  • MQ2MMOBugs will now display messages regarding your current login status
  • Added crash handlers to catch some crashes that might occur in plugins.
  • MQ2AutoForage change to address multi-box foraging issue
  • MQ2FamKiller ability added to kill non-wizard familiars

10-13-2008 by Htw, Brainiac, WickedMofo

  • Updated MMOLoader (premium plugin commands disabled issue)
  • Updated for latest official release:
  • Group member spawn data now works.
  • Target clear works on group members now.

10-11-2008 by Brainiac

  • Disabled /rezme with a warning
  • Disabled /warp compass, it hasn't worked in a while
  • Fixed instant camp
  • Fixed /sumcorpse
  • Fixed MQ2ReachIt commands

10-10-2008 by Brainiac

  • Fixed MQ2MMOFastMem
  • Fixed crashes related to WinEQ2

10-09-2008 by Brainiac, Htw, WickedMofo, Fry

  • Updated for latest patch
  • Loader v1.8.3.1
  • Added fix to (thanks knows_little_does_less!)
  • Updated MQ2Focii
  • Updated MQ2AutoGroup to allow up to 50 allowed names.

10-07-2008 by Brainiac

  • /reloadui- this command will reload the currently loaded interface skin
  • Stability overhaul for MQ2MMOBugs, fixed many bugs and crashes related to plugin loading and unloading
  • Added UIFiles directory redirection. MacroQuest will now redirect all requests for interface files to the MQ2 Directory before it searches the EverQuest directory. This means you no longer need to copy custom .xml files into the EQ directories. This has the side effect of making interfaces you might not have noticed before to appear. As always you will still need to reload the interface to have no interfaces appear (use /reloadui)
  • Fixed MQ2AutoClip. This previously defunct plugin now works as originally intended. It changes the maximum view distance. You may need to use MQ2Fog to disable fog so that you can see further.

9-06-2008 by Htw

  • Loader v1.8.1.5 (fix Custom Filters)
  • /unload <plugin> issue fixed.

9-5-2008 by Htw, Brainiac

  • group code match to MQ2 official - fix group related crashes.

9-5-2008 by Brainiac, WickedMofo, Htw

  • Loader v1.8.1.x (with auto-update)
  • Updated for today's patch.

See MMOBugsNews.txt from the compile for more MMOBugs Changes. Changes:

19 August 2009 by ieatacid

  • Updated offsets for today's patch

16 August 2009 by ieatacid

  • Added mouse buttons to dikeys.h (Mouse_Mid, Mouse_Aux1, Mouse_Aux2). This should let you /bind them now and eliminate associated crashes

14 August 2009 by pms

  • fix for shownames

14 August 2009 by brainiac, dkaa

  • Updated for the 08/12 patch

15 July 2009 by rswiders

  • Updated for today's patch

14 July 2009 by rswiders

  • Changed NUM_SPELL_GEMS to reflect the additional 2 added by the devs.

3 July 2009 by ieatacid

  • Fixed /loadspells and other functions that rely on the _SPELLFAVORITE struct
  • Updated MQ2ItemDisplay -- it now shows our extra item info when the modified/unmodified button is pressed (thanks pms for the idea)

29 June 2009 by ieatacid

  • gGameState now gets set correctly when camping to desktop or server-select screen

24 June 2009 by ieatacid

  • Reverted changes to CleanUI detour to fix MQ2ChatWnd crash when reloading the UI
  • Changed tooltip handling in MQItemdisplay to work more efficiently and fix a bug with the left ear slot

24 June 2009 by rswiders

  • Updated for today's patch

21 June 2009 by ieatacid

  • Fixed suffix display bug in captions (the error was in _SPAWNINFO)

20 June 2009 by rswiders

  • Backed out bug fix for MQ captions.
  • Generate correct gGameState when camping (server/desktop). This should fix random crashes in plugins when they think they are still "INGAME" but are really at server select screen.

18 June 2009 by rswiders, ieatacid

  • Updated for today's patch
  • Added NUM_BUFF_SLOTS to handle the everchanging number of buffs in the target and pet windows.

17 June 2009 by rswiders

  • Added the command history functionality to MQ2ChatWnd (thanks PMS)

15 June 2009 by dkaa

  • Fixed bug NoDrop on items on FV and other special servers

15 June 2009 by rswiders

  • Fixed bug with flashing MQ captions.
  • Fixed bug with tooltips. If you had a clicky item equipped in the left ear, the target window (and possibly others) would show tooltips baseed on "item name(ready)" instead of "buff name (time remaining)".
  • Added filtering of macro ended messages.
  • Added additional functionality to MQ2ChatWnd (thanks PMS)
  • The window will redraw right away when you reload your UI in game, rather than waiting for the first text output request to recreate itself.
    AutoScroll - on by default/normal behavior
    NoCharSelect - off by default/normal behavior
    SaveByChar - on by default/normal behavior

12 June 2009 by rswiders

  • Updated for today's patch

11 June 2009 by ieatacid

  • Fixed /unload crash on Windows 7 (and Vista?)

11 June 2009 by rswiders, dkaa

  • Fixed target.buff

10 June 2009 by ieatacid, rswiders

  • Updated for today's patch

21 May 2009 by rswiders

  • Updated for today's patch

15 May 2009 by ieatacid, dkaa

  • Fixed guild struct and related functions
  • Fixed pet window struct
  • Removed MAX_GUILDS as it is no longer used

14 May 2009 by rswiders

  • Updated for today's patch

6 May 2009 by ieatacid

  • Added spawn.Owner which returns a spawn type for a mercenary's owner

26 April 2009 by ieatacid

  • Fixed groiup role issues

8 April 2009 by ieatacid


07 April 2009 by rswiders, dkaa, ieatacid

  • Updated for today's patch

29 March 2009 by ieatacid

  • Added Me.Mercenary which returns one of the following: SUSPEND, ACTIVE, NULL, UNKNOWN

21 March 2009 by ieatacid

  • Me.CombatAbilityTimer and Me.CombatAbilityReady should now function correctly

19 March 2009 by rswiders

  • Updated for today's patch

15 March 2009 by ieatacid

  • Fix for active leadership abilities
  • Fix for GetCombatAbilityTimer crash (dkaa)

12 March 2009 by ieatacid, rswiders

  • Updated for today's patch

09 March 2009 by rswiders

  • Fixed aura (by name). You can determine if an aura is active with Me.Aura[#aura name effect].ID
  • Fix for buff stacking issue
  • Cleaned up merc names for Group.Member[#]

12 February 2009 by dkaa, ieatacid, rswiders

  • Fixed pet buff window information/stackspet
  • Fixed NPCCorpse mapfilter toggle

12 February 2009 by ieatacid, rswiders

  • Updated for the patch on the 11th

9 February 2009 by rswiders

  • Added exact match option to spawn searchs (use a "=" immediately preceeding the name being searched for)
  • Updated named mob identification. Named mobs will not exist in non-combat zones and warders, familiars, etc. have been demoted from their named status.
  • Added /mapfilter option for named spawns (will toggle between named/normal npcs when npc filtering is active)
  • Updated /mapfilter corpse as a master toggle for PC/NPC corpses. When active, you can toggle PC/NPC filtering using PCCorpse/NPCCorpse respectively.
  • Added Faycites, Chronobines as additional alternate currencies

31 January 2009 by dkaa

  • added "targetable" as a spawn search modifier

20 January 2009 by ieatacid, dkaa

  • Updated for today's patch

18 January 2009 by ieatacid

  • Adjusted spawn types for banners. The client lists the following races as banners: 500, 553-557, 586

17 January 2009 by ieatacid

  • Added "/mqclear" command to MQ2ChatWnd which, you guessed it, clears the MQ2 chat window. This does it the right way and removes all text from the window, unlike some plugins I've seen that just add 11ty new lines (\n) to the chat window
  • Fixed "/setautorun". It was saving incorrectly so AutoRun ini entries would never be processed (thanks pms)
  • The "/dosocial" command should now work properly

11 January 2009 by ieatacid, rswiders

  • Events will once again trigger on "You have entered <zone name>."
  • Completed formatting corrections for using spaces vs. tabs
  • Corrected bug with spawnsearch. Spawn[id 0] WILL NO LONGER return the same values as ${Me}. You have been warned.
  • Corrected spell stacking bug with some new spells (.Stacks/.WillStack)

29 December 2008 by dkaa

  • added params to the /exec command (thanks three-p-o)

11 December 2008 by dkaa

  • fixed a bug in the pet window with BuffFadeETA
  • turned of macro error logging by default because it causes crashes if the log file is unwriteable

11 December 2008 by rswiders

  • updated for today's patch

10 December 2008 by rswiders, ieatacid, dkaa

  • updated for today's patch

10 December 2008 by dkaa

  • Macro errors are now logged to a file

29 November 2008 by ieatacid

  • Removed window manager drawing of the cursor on each pulse while in screen mode 3 (UI hidden) -- not needed since EQ switched to using Windows' cursor

05 November 2008 by ieatacid

  • Fixed caption crash that happened on some untargetables
  • Added "Flyer" spawn type for spawns that appear in some zones with NaN location data, which will filter them from NPC spawns
  • Fixed Me.Aura bug when passing a number to it

03 November 2008 by dkaa

  • added Triple Attack to skills.h

29 October 2008 by rswiders

  • Updated for today's patch

27 October 2008 by ieatacid

  • Removed BuffUpdate from the target type. It's no longer cleared when you switch/release targets and, as such, serves no real purpose

22 October 2008 by ieatacid

  • Added mercenary as a spawn type and map filter option
  • Added bool mercenary to groupmember type
  • Me.Aura now can now receive an index to access more than one aura (no index defaults to the first aura)

21 October 2008 by rswiders

  • Updated for October 21st patch

19 October 2008 by dkaa

  • fixed the problem with the first line of macro not being run if /macro was invoke within a macro.

17 October 2008 by rswiders

  • Added Spawn.Loc and .LocYX. Loc is a float formatted string, LocYX is an int formatted string.
  • Display permanent buff timers as "Perm" not "-0:18"
  • Misc source cleanup

12 October 2008 by ieatacid

  • Added BuffDuration to target type. It takes the buff name or number as a parameter and returns a ticks type.
  • Added to Group TLO: string MainTank, string MainAssist, string Puller
  • Added to groupmember type: bool MainTank, bool MainAssist, bool Puller

11 October 2008 by rswiders

  • Update mappable commands with all correct values, looks like it was not done in initial patch
  • Update for Me.State. If you are on a mount it will return "MOUNT" instead of continuing on and returning "STAND"

11 October 2008 by dkaa

  • Fix for mappable commands -- thanks, brainiac
  • Fix for class type 71, merc liaison.

10 October 2008 by dkaa

  • Fix for VC6 compile problems.

09 October 2008 by ieatacid

  • Changed target TLO. It now uses the new TargetType which inherits the spawn type. The TargetType contains the following members:
    Buff (access to spell type): returns the target's spell by index (${Target.Buff[n]}) or name (${Target.Buff[name]}). If no index is given (${Target.Buff}) it returns the first spell name or "NULL" if the target has no buffs
    BuffCount: returns the number of buffs on the target
    BuffUpdate: since there's a delay between when you target a spawn and when you get their buff data, this lets you know if the buff data is available

09 October 2008 by ieatacid, dkaa, rswiders

  • Updated for October 7th patch
  • Added spawn type members: CurrentMana, MaxMana, Current Endurance, MaxEndurance -- these behave like CurrentHPs (only updated when you target a spawn)

08 September 2008 by ieatacid

  • Added Level to groupmember type

07 September 2008 by rswiders, ieatacid

  • Fixed Group.Member[x].Name and .Leader

06 September 2008 by rswiders

  • Fixed Group.Member[x].Name

05 September 2008 by rswiders

  • Fixes for group CTD issues
  • Added Group.GroupSize back in... it's in the html manual but wasn't in the source

05 September 2008 by rswiders, dkaa

  • Fix for v6 compiles

05 September 2008 by ieatacid, rswiders, dkaa

  • Updated for today's patch

See Changes.txt from the compile for more changes. Changes:

09-15-2009 by htw

  • Updated for todays patch
  • MQ2Focii updated to latest
  • Code correction for some asian char sets & mmoloader
  • Added merc spawntype check to MQ2NetHeal (per request)
  • Added MQ2AutoLogin plugin (courtesy ieatacid) Changes:

15 September 2009 by rswiders

  • Updated for today's patch

6 September 2009 by dkaa

  • added el_nene's FromData changes

6 September 2009 by ieatacid

  • Added spawn.Following which returns the spawn that a player or NPC is /following (this is also your pet's target)

31 August 2009 by ieatacid

  • Fixed _SPELL struct that changed in July
  • Changed GAMESTATE_PRECHARSELECT from '6' to '-1'
Last edited: Changes:

10-08-2009 by htw, wickedmofo

  • Updated for todays patch
  • Fixed MQ2MasterMind tell name filter
  • Added loot.ini to dist
  • Fixed MQ2GemTimer
  • Changed MQ2NameSay to allow 3+ for match
  • Rewrote MQ2Twist
  • Fixed PctMana & PctEndurance in spawn TLO
  • Added Range to Item TLO (thanks devestator)
  • Updated MQ2ChatFilter for (SPAM) option
  • MQ2Melee Calanins/SK adjustments
  • feigndeathif added to MQ2Melee Changes:

8 October 2009 by ieatacid

  • Updated for today's patch
21 September 2009 by ieatacid

  • FindItemCount TLO now searches for augs on items
Last edited: Changes:

10-14-2009 by htw

  • MQ2DoCrack updated UI / plugin.
  • MQ2PiggyZone fix for WFP -> POK link.
  • MQ2Twist fixed for zone reset / CTD, & max songs.
  • Fixed MQ2Events CTD on load if no INI.
  • Fixed MQ2LinkDB spam char problem.
  • Fixed MQ2LinkDB2 spam char problem.
  • ChatFilter adjustment for spam filter.
  • MQ2DataTypes fixes for PctMana/PctEndurance.
  • MQ2AutoRez configurable skip pulses. Changes:

10-21-2009 by htw, wickedmofo, unity0110

  • Updated for todays patch
  • Latest MQ2AdvLoot
  • MQ2PiggyZone thevoidX transition fix (potimea zonein locs will need to be set)
  • Minor MQ2Melee adjustments & additional debug options
  • MQ2MMODps fixed Changes:

21 October 2009 by ieatacid

  • Updated for today's patch
Last edited: Changes:

10-22-2009 by htw

  • Corrected MQ2DoCrack.ini dates Changes:

10-23-2009 by htw

  • MQ2PiggyZone - fixed zoning through potimea. Changes:

11-04-2009 by htw

  • MQ2Melee - fixed monk stunning kick fire without option. Changes:

11-13-2009 by htw, wickedmofo
  • Updated for todays patch
  • MQ2PiggyZone - Fixed zoning through potimea
  • MQ2Melee - Fixed monk stunning kick fire without option
  • MQ2Bzsrch - Fixed plugin, & added DispPrice, changed Stat, help
  • A few plugin corrections for cxwnd Changes:

13 November 2009 by dkaa

  • Fix for inventory problems (corrected InvSlotWnd)

12 November 2009 by ieatacid, dkaa, rswiders

  • Updated for November 11th patch
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11-15-2009 by htw
  • Updated to core 20091114a (see MQ2 changes)
  • Fixed MQ2DoCrack & MQ2CastTimer display Changes:

14 November 2009 by ieatacid

  • Fix for EQMERCHWINDOW struct which will fix various things that reference it

14 November 2009 by dkaa

  • Fix for labels -- added CLABELWND which is not, in fact, a CSIDLWND Changes:

11-25-2009 by htw

  • Fixed /usemerch (MQ2ReachIt)
  • Adjustment for MQ2DoCrack window load
  • Latest MQ2AutoLogin from ieatacid
  • MQ2Krust updates (I posted link to the UI on mq2 official VIP forums, FYI)
  • MQ2CEcho fixed for empty cecho, & added cechob

Updates are on update server (use mmoloader).
MQ2AutoLogin updated to 20091125 version.

Changes by ieatacid on (author):

#  20091125
- Fixed issue with a blank character name making the login process stop at character select

#  20091121
- Now supports using station names rather than sessions (this is helpful if you use WinEQ2 profiles)

#  20091118
- The plugin now clicks through the order expansion screen

#  20091117
- The plugin will now click through the seizure warning screen

htw Changes:

12-09-2009 by htw, fry, wickedmofo

  • Updated for todays patch
  • See previous changes in thread Changes:

8 December 2009 by ieatacid, rswiders

  • Updated for today's patch Changes:

12-09-2009 by htw
  • Fixed MQ2MMOFastMem & 12 spell gems
  • Added Selo's Kick to MQ2Melee (see wiki) Changes:

14 December 2009 by dkaa

  • Fix for AltAblity and Underfoot

Updates are on update server (use mmoloader).
Last edited: Changes:

12-15-2009 by htw, wickedmofo

  • Updated for todays patch
  • Updated MQ2GMCheck
  • Updated MQ2PiggyZone
  • Updated MQ2CastTimer
  • Updated MQ2Melee Changes:

12-18-2009 by htw

  • Updated for todays patch Changes:

18 December 2009 by rswiders

  • Updated for today's patch Changes:

12-22-2009 by htw

  • Fixed MQ2PiggyZone issue with zoning in at weird locations, or off map.
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