MMOBugs MQ2 Installation for Emulator Clients - Download Links and Instructions

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Aug 27, 2006
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MMOLoader may not be able to properly update MQ2 plugins if EverQuest is running. To ensure you always have the latest updates, run MMOLoader or 'Check for Updates' from the MMOLoader tray icon, BEFORE you start EverQuest.

Plugins we offer for each emulator client type vary. Additional plugins may be added as time permits. For plugins that are included, see the Wiki link at the top of the forums, and also reference our MacroQuest2 FAQ

Please do not share your MMOBugs username information or MMOBugs Compile with others or your account subscription will be removed!


  1. Download MMOBugs Full Installer for the Emulator Client type you need.
  2. Run the downloaded file, and select your installation directory, and finish the installation.
  3. Run MMOLoader.exe (or your shortcut to MMOLoader) for the emulator type you use and apply appropriate updates.

DOWNLOAD LINKS: (Click one of the choices below to Download)

1) Rain of Fear 2 (ROF2) MQ (aka 'Next', current code base) - PREFERRED
2) Rain of Fear 2 (ROF2) MQ2 (Legacy code base, May 2021, some plugin updates through Nov 2022)
3) Rain of Fear 2 (ROF2) MQ2 (ROF2 expansion legacy code base, May 2013, some plugin updates through May 2020)
4) Rain of Fear (ROF)
5) House of Thule (HOT) DISCONTINUED
6) Underfoot (UF)
7) Seeds of Destruction (SOD)
8) Secrets of Faydwer (SOF)
9) Titanium (TIT)
10) Mac (MAC)

Known Issues:

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Added links for new ROF2, based on live codebase. I added the links for the installer and zip in the post above this one.

A few notes, I'll add as I get time:

1) Uses current code base, so macros need updated, as in live/test. I.e., if you want to use really old macros without updating them, you'll need to stick to the old ROF2 release.
2) MQ2Nav implemented and works, so get your mesh files.
3) With so many plugins, obviously I haven't tested them all 100% for functionality, so let me know if you find something not working right, I'll put it on my list to work on. It may be needing some custom code for ROF2, or it may even be something you found that doesn't even work right in live/test.
4) With this ROF2 release, you can use the mmoloader tray launch icon that starts with it (as in live/test).
5) Hotkeys are implemented with this one, but I have them forced on and set to specific hotkeys, for now. If that's an issue for you (for now), then don't use the new one.
6) As in any other EMU releases, if something active like /zone or /gate doesn't work on that emu, they know how to prevent that server side, and that's just the way it is. :) Don't hesitate to ask if you are unsure though.

I'll document more as I go, please be patient, I have a lot of irons in the fire overall, and a RL job to boot, and this is a metric shit ton of work.

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Pushed another update, main changes:

- Added MQ2ShellCmd
- Added MQ2Radar
- Fixed MQ2MMOWarp
- Added a way to load default windows to click closed for new characters (see MQ2AntiAFK in distro for examples)
- Updated MQ2WinTitle
- Fixed MQ2Events
- Fixed MQ2MMOXp
- Fixed XP retrieved via MQ2NetBots
- Hotkeys added to MMOLoader - disable these via options if you don't want/need them
- Updated to core 20200923
- Lot of MQ2Bot work
- Updated macros included to match those in live/test distributions
- Note: Please make sure you are loading MQ2BagWindow and do /reloadui

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