Is my provider crap or is something wrong at MMOBugs?


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Jul 3, 2008
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Nearly 2h downloading simple 80 MB of data at moment for a 1GBit-Provider system. Is MMOBugs so slow because of so many customers or is something wrong with the servers? Tried to login and was highly surprised about the most minimum download rate ever of around 10kbit/s. The download of the full package is nearly the same. I thought EQs update was 7h in the past or did DGB missed the usual schedule? (I didn't played for around 2 weeks)?!?
My download went almost instantly, though I have in the past seen really slow downloads. I'm not quite sure what it is. Port throttling by ISP or something? You could download pre-compiled zip, copy over all the DLL's and it should get rid of the majority of the download data.

Htw, you have any ideas?
Did exactly that. It even stopped my downloads with around 13kbit/s. Strange.
OK... now it works.. wow... 4 tries and it runs smooth like oil.
That was really strange...
Downloaded the precompiled zip to install it on all systems now instead using the update.
Thanks for the reply