MMOBugs MacroQuest2 FAQ - Please Read

yep that was it..

ty much for the suggestion. For some reason being mounted prevents sumcorpse to work. Hope this helps others :)
Yes, also another one that gets people sometimes is if they did not zone, and the coprse loc on map is not the 'true' location. Then you need to /fade first, so the corpse loc is up to date with your client.

is it possible to change the positions for the /popups?
Corrected MQ2AutoSize entry in first post, it was way out of date, missing command info, etc.

when i do a /rezme nothing happens.. am i missing a command? Everything else seems to be okay other than autoforage bugs a bit. i can do it first time but when i turn it off i have to restart computer to get it to do again.
Far as i remember, /rezme has been broken for months and isnt ever gonna be able to be fixed.

But then again i dont pay much attention around here anymore =P
*bleh* other than /warp t... prolly was my most used command :mad:
making use of the campfires and clr mercs its almost not needed.
lol.. yah, unless you AND merc got spanked soloing. i sometimes ...umm.. bite off more than i can but what a way to go ;)
item target

how do i target items and pick them up from across the zone ?

how do i hack lockout timers for quest/raids ?
how do i load a ui with mq runing when i /load nothing happens ?
thanks ... is there a macro for wizzy that allow them to kill/kite well afk would like to be able to do spiders in icefall afk ( sorry if im asking these questions in wrong place but im a noob lol
Is there a plugin to auto accept tasks ? say a guild member is doing SoD progression and I want to go AFK in the guild hall ?