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Mar 14, 2007
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Need some help on where to start. I have taken the last 4/5 years off and decided to return to eq. My current group is War, Ranger or monk, bard and cleric. What would you fill in for the last 2 for my group. Also best UI's and macros. I used to use devs bot. but alot has changed since I left. Any help would be appreciated
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Here is the set up
(SK, Bard, Shaman, RNGR/ Monk, mage, merc....Main toons)
(SK, Monk, Shaman, Ranger/BST/zeker, Mage, Cleric...Melee team)
(Mage, Necro, shaman, ranger, Mage, Necro.....DPS team)
How to finish a Expansion:
1. partisians / merc
2. group mission
3. hunter
4. collectables
Visit Franklin Teek in the Plane of Knowledge to see the current list of hotzones, grab a task, and get adventuring @20 -100!... @LVL 75 i can recieve buffs, @lvl 75 start gribbles till 100, @LVL 85 i Can attune,and do overseer, @LVL 90 group with Big guys in Sathir tomb for 4 days.. Wait till 105 get all spells up to that point. Then get ALL spells at 120, and equip the T1 stuff for each xpac, get dire charm <maxed> do ALL progression, @LVL 120 get : @LVL 106 get TBM progression/conflagrant gear (full set), Do GMM @ (115) for gear, then farm ore (170)to finish making player made gear for (little guys), then Farm T1 ToL gear,stay in CoV player made gear till i can farm ToL(T2) droppable gear,make ToL player made gear once tradeskills is high enough. Get Daht to highest AC unbuffed < Upgrade to TS gear >, Do Overseer daily, (make a cushion with the 12 hour events, and use 24 hour event to level and get merc with ). Farm spots; vampires building in Madiens Eye or KA VETHAN for XP. GD Bear, timid, Rygorr mines, camps. Prior to ToL, my goto AA grind spot for my toons was the GD mission instance in ToV (Restless Assault.). Grab an instance (Restless Assault.), clear the wurm caves, drop task, repeat. Western Waste (dragon caretaker camp) or S.E. in FM (spider camps) for money, // do earring quest on <All>, make augs // Finish progression <backwards NoS ---> Cotf>, < Farm PP; (gribbles),Zer LCR, (demiplane of sul over night ),< Buy type #3 < farm PP < farm augs < < make armor < LVL / AA in Sathir's Tomb <60 - 80%> or Gribbles 80% per run X3, <Get necro 2.5, get BST epic (2.0), get ROS special weapons, get familiar for shaman & necro, set-up trader on Account, then on day off buy spells, type 3 & gear on all toons.

Power leveling TOON;
FROM 1-65 BLIGHTFIRE MOORE, in under 10 minutes with my level 93 Shadow Knight. You can use this method to level your newbies to 65 withing a day.<swarm zone and let beat on SK and have PLtoons AE mobs>
72 -80 Hotzones
75 Gribbles till 100, also for ( for AA's)
80-85 Sathirs tomb for 4-7 days // Start overseer 2 times per day
100 -110 then Do Progression... GMM mission + you can gearing toons // FT mountain // overthere // Eastern waste // Great Divide // Western Waste
115 -120 Finish Progression, then do these raids, but start event, and only kill trash: Restless Assualt (kill wurms in cave's <rinse and repeat>)
Finish all progression
113 Zlandicar // Aaryonar
115 - 120 TOV, COV, TOL,
Easy exp/aa repeatable zero kill quests every 30 minutes:
spells progression:
90-95 Argath
95 - 100 Shards landing / Etheria Karana
100 - 105 Katta deluge (DS) / Lceanium / Tranq (TBM)
105 - 110 Overthere (ROS) / Stratos (TBL)
110 - 115 Eastern Waste (tov) / Western Waste (COV)
Good Luck
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