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Dec 14, 2023
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Ok so theres a ton of "best group" threads.. but this one is a little different.
Background: A friend of mine and myself are currently playing on TLP. We both use MQ2 when we work. I work from home so i can keep an eye on the group and typically recover if something bad happens. He is running War/Shm/Bard/Zerker - he might drop one so i can bring my 3 which i'm still leveling up. or i can bring something that can provide OOG bonuses? I've been testing out different classes but i keep running into the same issue. When we don't group together i wouldn't have a good group if we follow the "Perfect" group makeup. It was stated Cleric would be nice because the shaman is having issues keeping on heals doing new content. (full raid gear warrior)
Question: What 3 box crew could i bring to the table that can still go mercing about to grind AA and do epics by myself?
SK/Clr/Brd - but 2 bards in a group and not much DPS.
SK//Clr/Ench - aDPS but no casters and overlaps with Bard - Charm DPS nerf but can still charm'ish for more. (I've mained enchanter for years)
SK/Clr/Bst - overlapping shaman and not sure he wants to drop the shaman and mana issues in extended grind sessions if wanting to max dps.
Rng/Clr/Ench - Ranger OOG bow shooting? does a ranger tank decently after POP?
Mag/Mag/Ench - never played Mages but in theory could work if pets tank?

Fresh out of ideas and not finding alot of info out there for 3/2 box crews that could join his and be effective alone.
(Mage, Necro, shaman, Wiz, Mage, Necro.....DPS team). Mobs stand No chance!!!
First necro Pulls, Pet tank by the two (2 mages), Necro two (2), applies Dots,
shaman slows and heals, wiz finishes it off
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I now have a SK/Mage/Shaman/Bard combo. I still debate till this day if I really need the Shaman 90% of the time (minus a couple of missions such as Heros Forge).

Up until LS I was just running SK/Mag/Bard and was fine enough for all content except missions. Most of the time I had 3 DPS mercs out. In missions I had 2 DPS + 1 Healer Merc.

Pet tanking in missions is possible... but the pet keeping agro off PC's is... odd. Pet tanking in regular environments is no problem.

Mage is just a good all-around class. Spell DPS, Pet, etc.

Bard adds DPS to Meele+Casters, even though the Bards DPS isn't great itself.

In the whole scheme which I'm referring to, SK is vital. DPS, Lifetaps, Belt slow(if no shaman), A very self-sufficient class. I never even bothered to slow with the Bard.
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SK/Clr/Bst - overlapping shaman and not sure he wants to drop the shaman and mana issues in extended grind sessions if wanting to max dps.
which tlp? if its mischief or higher this is my vote. the war 2hs and pretends he is a ber and the sk tanks. if you want oog bonuses go with an enc instead have the bard turn off mezz and let enc buff and mezz only. make sure you have a way to heal the enc from oog though
but if i was personally making it i would do monk clr bst have the warrior tank and you supply the dps. a shm should also easily keep a group up though if you are mischief or higher so you could run 3 dps. if you are yelinak shm solo healing is about to get better but not by a ton in sof. it goes nuts in hot though. if you are on yelinak the bst is going to be shit until hot and be really good in voa.

for bsts dont max dps in a group situation have it cast focused paragon on itself and have it cast paragon if it doesnt have focused on and is below say 80% mana. also dont have it slow. just let it run its 2-4 nukes depending on era and have it max dps on bossess. make sure while in a group your ini doesnt make it spam feralgia on cd just do it to maintain the buff
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