Help Me replace my Cleric Please


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Nov 14, 2022
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Hello all, I am an Everquest Lifer. I started playing on the first server about 2 weeks after it went live. I left the game about 6 years ago and came back this last November.

A little about my play style. I like to box my 6 toons. I generally go into a zone and camp all the named. If I have to get flags I will ro the tasks and missions to get all my toons into the new zone. Being I play 6-7 toons (7 Accounts) I am always farming new gear for them. I could afford to just buy everything from the Bazar but building the toons up through farming named is what I like to do. To this point I have been pretty strictly using Mbot. It works well enough for me but I would like to learn how to use it better, but that's a subject for another Post.

I recently installed EQLogParser. I have discovered that my Cleric is pretty much dead weight. So, I am planning on replacing her. My group makeup (I know there are better mixes of classes available but I have been playing these forever and would like to keep as many as possible) is War | Mage | Wiz | Shaman | Enchanter | Cleric All the toons are level 114-115. My current plan is to figure out what the best replacement for the Cleric, buy a level 100 Heroic character and have that toon Power leveled to 115. I have already contacted one of the members here to arrange the PLing and its really affordable. What I am looking for is some well thought suggestions on what is the best replacement character class to replace the cleric. If you can, please give me a few of your reasons why.

Let me add a couple of my thoughts and then I will wait to see if anyone would like to weigh in on this topic. My warrior is a dark elf Tier 1 & 2 Group gear 8500 AC 350,000 HP (don't laugh please) I find he need a lot of healing so I think the new toon has to be a support healer. I love My shaman and wonder if a 2nd shaman works. I don't want to be replacing more than one toon right now.

I appreciate any advice on this matter and will be buying the new toon as soon as I get the needed input

Thanks Shrubi
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If you think the cleric is dead weight, but want a 2nd healer, my guess is you would need to go with druid. I don't know why you are thinking the cleric is dead weight, but I would guess it is because the shammy is doing more damage while also covering more of the healing. I think a 2nd shammy wouldn't really do much better without figuring out how to change how they do things in mbot. In fact, I think a 2nd shammy would end up pretty much doing the same thing as the first at pretty much the same time. A druid might end up doing more damage or healing depending on the default settings. If I am right in my guess of your issue, I don't think changing the chars in the group is where you should start. I would suggest starting with figuring out how to make what your using (in this case Mbot) work how you want. It sounds to me like you want the cleric to start healing sooner than the shammy, leaving the shammy to doing more damage while still adding some heals to cover the spike damage the tank takes.
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Thanks for your reply BPT, you are correct that the shaman is doing way more healing I have been running parses and in a common battle in the Temple of Veeshan the shaman is out healing the Cleric 67% to 32% and running out of mana decreasing its damage by several million. If anyone can help me tune my cleric in Mbot, I am very willing. I am Still interested in the prospect of changing out the cleric
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This is the spell line up I've been using for group/raids and it generally parses pretty well. You'll have to translate it to whatever format bot you use.

Gem1=Guileless Remedy
Gem2=Sincere Remedy
Gem3=Merciful Remedy
Gem4=Atoned Intervention
Gem5=Sincere Intervention
Gem6=Syllable of Invigoration
Gem7=Shining Fortitude
Gem8=Unified Hand of Persistence
Gem9=Divine Mediation
Gem10=Aura of the Reverent
Gem11=Aura of Divinity
Gem12=Rallied Greater Blessing of Vie
Gem13=Refreshing Splash

Gem1 - Gem5 are all fast single target heals.
Gem 6 is you group heal. Use this any time you have multiple people in group that need heals
Gem7 - Cast on your tank - helps suck up damage
Gem8 - HP buff
Gem9 - DI - cast for really tough mobs or on raids
Gem10 - Gem11 are your auras
Gem12 - Another buff to help suck up damage
Gem13 - Splash heals - use after any big AE damage

I have my HP threshold set to 80%.

The spell line up is not optimal in that you could save spell slots by having Gem9-Gem12 load on demand. I found it nice to just keep the buffs handy.
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Thanks Dewey I will use that help. I kinda think My INI might be a problem as well. Thinking about asking ChatGPT for advice
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I worked on the INI files quite a bit over the weekend. I managed to get both my Cleric and my Wizard to be better contributors to the group. I am still interested in trying out a change to the group structure and would like to hear any suggestions on what changes to the Group lineup might make a more successful group in general
War | Mage | Wiz | Shaman | Enchanter | Cleric
I would add a druid or a paladin to replace the cleric
Could also consider swapping war to pally + dropping cleric for a necro/beastlord/bard