Crashing when launching using Innerspace, running the Profusion Client


Oct 12, 2014
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Just need some guidance please.

I am trying the profusion version of Everquest.
I typically use Innerspace to manage the screens, and the rof2a mmobug client. (live client for live)
On live, and on Lazerus server, I have no issues, and can trigger the 6 clients to load.

When trying to do the same on Profusion, I get instant crashes reported through MMobugs, before the first screen has popped up. I have uploaded the crash report.

If I bypass innerspace and run the eqgame client directly from the profusion directory, the client loads without an issue, and mmobugs injects into the game. I can also open multiple clients in the same way. mmobugs injects and there are no issues. Is actually more stable than playing on lazerus.

I generally innerspace crashreports when associated with innerspace. This was mmobugs pointing at IS_Kernel.

Any guidance would be appreciated.