Calling All CodeCompiler scam vics


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Feb 3, 2024
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I have stumbled on this forum a bit too late to have any sort of impact on the outcomes of the recent 2 years in my life due to this - idk what to call him because he is just a disgusting person.

I met Dru and became interested in potential of an NFT project known as Cyber Apes Yacht Club. He promises investors things and doesnt deliver, his typical scam. Why I was sucked into this is due to it not existing as I helped build the scam he now has. Its his typical sales of hurry buy now dont miss!

Some back story - Ive been to prison for trafficking a lot of drugs on SR1 + 2. I got a 15 year sentence my first time in trouble with the law. Its cost me more than I ever imagined. So if you think this will lead you to land of milk and honey take my advice and dont do it. I had within a year of getting out of prison, completed a reentry program, saved up, repaired my 520 credit score and secured an apartment across the street from monterey bay aquariam in an affluent neighborhood and a nice area. I ended up getting really lucky gambling one day after moving about a year later, i cashed out 100k and bought a brand new off the lot 2021 honda accord and paid with a cashiers check. Owned it when I drove it home.

Then I met dru. We started this project and very soon I found out how fucking stupid this was for me. He has taken in around $7m in parterships and NFT sales/royalties. He told everybody he didnt have access to these wallets etc. and a revenue structure for the holders based on rarity from our planned casino revenue. We licensed and launched and i personally branded the site with only the name that dru provided.

I managed the youtube channel, edited the videos, and worked as a moderator combating scammers around the clock. Soon I was promoted to support part time, then full time, and in las vegas i pulled a feat by scraping data off twitch and sending cold call emails to partnered streamers to be our streamers. The last part I basically did the work of 2 other full time marketing managers in days what took them months to do. I ignored red flags along the way and its because I trusted blindly. After a while of no paychecks, finally I decided to look at the wallet and trace the funds and why we werent getting paid since the casino operations had 180k in the first month coming in.

What I discovered was fiscally irresponsible and illegal. I sent an email to all the employees and Dru outlining the embezzlement that I traced from our company to his and other casino addresses.

The next day I was fired and it was announced that it was due to me violating company policy. I had moved out of my apartment and took a loan on my car to invest further into the company's nfts because i believed with my direct influence i could lead it to success. When I was fired, I spent the next 2 months dealing with various govt agencies about the illegal activity and my wages being stolen. The day after christmas my car was reposesed by the bank. I barrowed money from family to get it back. All of this stress of not having income for now going over a year of grinding on this, I relapsed and nearly died. My car got stolen while engaging in this.

When my sister found out what had happened, she kicked me out and to this day i have not spoken to her. I have also been homeless 5 times in a year. Dru thinks this is hilarious and seeing an opportunity offers me $235 compensation for 15 hours of work. I was happy to take $235 after losing everything and nearly my life because I had no option and no attorney which I wouldve happily hired months earlier if i knew.

He tells me that i have no friends, and everyone hates me and that i should go kill myself so i dont bill medicare for my treatment expenses. Ive reported this man to the FBI, FinCen, FIRNA, Az Corp, Attorney Generals of both ohio and California, Dept. of labor, State Police, Local Phoenix police where he lives. Nobody will do shit to this fucker, he has them sold on the fact im a criminal and junkie and need to kill myself so I stop wasting peoples time. My total ownership stake was near %5 and unpaid hours was well over 500, in addition to the tens of thousands I placed in trust to him.

I am here asking for anybody who has previously dealt with his shenanigans. The guy is a class of retard I have never seen, additionally I am concerned with how the actual fuck he has managed to evade legal problems for better part of 2 decades. I also have since found other crypto scams he is directly responsible for like Labra Coin. So I am calling all of you to please vocalize your experience with him on all social platforms. Reddit is by far the most effective for SEO reasons, followed by his discord where he continues to sell fake dreams to people now without delivering any financial data to investors and banning anybody that attempts to draw on their holdings.

You can find me on discord @SupItsJ