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Jun 24, 2009
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Trying to do this mission with SK // Necro // Shaman // BST // Mage // cleric, and running into problems. It will not cast Root from either Necro or shaman. Here is the hotkey I am trying to use
/bcga /xtar 2 ....if I use /bcga //target id ${Target.ID} it will /tar the main mob, and I want it to "punt the Alien looking mobs"
/Bcga /timer 50 //multiline ; /alt act 431 ; /alt act 171 ; /cast 11
/Bcga /keypress 11
My enchanter is not high enough level yet to help according to this write-up from players ;
Alien-looking mobs spawn near other players, so it is best to have players standing on the platform so that the mezzer can see. I know other groups have punted them off the platforms to succeed as well. As for mezz spells, even TOV-era mezz spells work on the alien adds. A beam of Slumber, Noctambulate, regular mezz spells, AE mez spells, they all work. For the healing adds, they can be killed, but most groups just ignore them and out dps the healing that they provide.
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Tank and few dps on her. I've been told there is a penalty for having too many people on the platform with her (taking a lot of damage periodically) but we don't stand up there so I can't confirm it. Meanwhile adds will spawn, orange-looking centi guys that you kill by rooting (I've heard mezz also works but I can't verify that). You will also get akhevan adds that are non-agro, spawn in the corners of the downstairs room (aka not on the platform), and a path to Shei. If they reach her they heal her 10-12ish % health (achieve for allowing 2 to reach her). Chase and kill to avoid the heals

My question is how do I have SK maintain aggro on the main mob and when Alien looking at mobs spawn, have the "it root" and punted away
1 - Put your entire team on the platform.

2 - Play your shaman by hand and have the following spells loaded.

A - Blood of Mayong
B - Shackle

3 - Start the event. Once SK has solid threat have the group attack

EMOTE: "Shei Vinitras shouts, '#1#, You are unworthy.'"

You need to cure whoever is cursed twice with "Blood of Mayong". You have 24s to do each cure so don't panic.

EMOTE: "A datiar xi tavuelim take a moment to gain their bearing..'"

You need to target and cast your root/mez now.

Just make a hotkey on the shaman that has:
/target datiar
/cast X ( where X is the spell gem for Shackle )

NOTE: There are much better ways to do this but if you hare having trouble boxing and writing convoluted /bcga commands the above is the SIMPLEST way

You can ignore the tall 4 armed "healer" mobs. Just keep dps on the boss and let them heal.
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the new issue, my SK is the driver, using the above instruction how do I make a hotkey using MQ2Bot to have the shaman; punt and cure the intended /target

*my hotkey*
/bcga /xtar 2
/Bcga /keypress 10 (root / Virtual paralyzes)
/pause 6, /bcga shaman name //cast 12
/pause 8, /bcga shaman name //cast 13
/pause 10, /bcga shaman name //cast 4

My question;
1. will shaman / Necro Virtual Paralyzes AA work or do I need to load the shackles / Root spell
2. I use GINA Triggers and {S} targets the player, Do u use GINA TRIGGERS? what is this '#1#
3. Is the emote correct?? Shei Vinitras shouts, 'Soandso, You are unworthy.' My question is, do I need to copy/paste like printed? My gina triggers are not firing
4. Before the keypress command is it "//" or "/ "
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1. Yes: VP AA will work. HOWEVER, VP has a long refresh time and you WILL likely get adds faster than the refresh. That is why I suggest just using shackles until you get the win and can refine your setup.

2. Yes I use GINA triggers. The lines I copied are in MQ macro event syntax.

3. The EMOTE lines are for MQ macro code not GINA.

4. the syntax would be either:

/bcga //keypress 10
/bcgt [NAME] //keypress 10


If you run your shaman by hand it is trivial to do the targeted root and group cures.

You want to root/mez as soon as the adds pop. If you wait until they go active its likely you are going to loose members of your team.
Fixed all things
when I see the alien "pop, I will switch to the shaman to press the hotkey. I notice the alien pops 3 times during the fight and @ 20% Shei hpts LOCK. what up with that
I won 1 time after I fixed the keys

THANKS, DEWEY for the advice
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The HP locks at 1-2% (?) while any of the alien mobs are up.

Glad you got the win. Now that you've gotten the first win it will get easier to do.
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