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Do you want to know about the latest cheats in Everquest?

Is the first time you hear about an ingame exploit in the patch notes?

Are you tired with button mashing to stay on top of the game?

Or are you are curious as to how to max out your dps, or multi box a full group, or just want a PL through a few levels, or an entire expansion progression?

Then welcome to the MMOBugs community, the starting point to EverQuest as you've never before experienced it.

The MMOBugs Difference

Access information that normally you cant

Is there a GM loitering about? How many mobs are there in the zone? Are you sitting or standing in that new illusion you just bought? How far away is that blasted crocodile so that you can cast at max range? How many mobs are close to your target that you will probably get as adds? Is there a rock or a blade of grass blocking your Line of Sight? What level is the mob you are targeting and what class and type is it?


See the Difference
Is that a necro using a tracking window to list the mobs, their level, they class and body shape? Is that the in game map enhanced now to show the locations, /con level and names of all the mobs? Most certainly is.


Do the Impossible
Cheating is also based off being able to do thing that are not really possibly... like auto loot all 45 corpses choosing which items to keep and which to ignore, or automate a toon run itself through a mission, or run an automated bazaar vendor to browse and buy items at a selected price when they become available and adjust prices as necessary to undercut competition.

How is it even possible?

All this and more is possible through our post popular service the MMOBugs compiled version of MacroQuest2. MacroQuest2 is a powerful set of tools that helps to make playing EverQuest easier by giving your EverQuest client extra ingame information and commands that normally it wouldn't. Check out the Plugin List, the starting point and just the tip of the iceberg for what MQ2 can do. The MMOBugs support and development team actively maintains a collection of more than a hundred quality MacroQuest2 plugins for your use. Each plugin is modular, and designed to be loaded or unloaded at will. They come with easy to understand documentation and commands for every plugin.
We also update MacroQuest2 fast each patch with a built in, self updating system. Our developers and community will also offer you support for any problems you may run into; along with any questions you may have. Our site includes the most powerful underground plugins and macros that are exclusive to MMOBugs members. MMOBugs has become the biggest EverQuest cheating and MacroQuest2 site, with over 30,000 members and still growing.

Not good with computers? Having problems with a plugin, or need help with a macro of your own? Not a problem! MMOBugs has one of the best support communities about with plenty of fantastic developers (some who dont sleep) and even more willing members who are more than happy to help with whatever you are trying to... Hop into IRC right now for a quick chat, or post on the forums for lots of help, advice and suggestions.

But wait there is still MORE...

Community Here at MMOBugs we pride ourselves on having a fantastic supportive cheating community. Having a problem with a plugin? or stuck on a quest? or really really really want to share that youtube clip that you just found? This is the spot to do it. Is a macro or a line of scripting you are testing not working out the way you expected it? Search the forums to see if anyone else has had the same problem and how it was fixed, or post the irritating issue and let of of the devs or the community point out how to fix it. Just don't feed the trolls.


Sometimes you just need some platinum, or a zone wide rare item, or have a toon Power Levelled up to fill that spot in your group. Or sometimes you want to offload a toon that you are sick of playing since 1999 and try something new, or even sell off that spare graphics card that you no longer need. The MMOMarketplace is where you can buy and sell toons, items, and currency with other members who are all dedicated gamers. If it's not available, then post that you want something and someone will probably get back to you. Please bear in mind that you should not try to sell off pesky children or grumpy mother-in-laws here.


Commission on User Referrals:
Help us grow and you will benefit .. seem strange it but it works. If you play together, hey why not use the best cheat engine together to make an unstoppable team? If you bring us business then we'll reward you in cold hard cash.

So how does it work? Simply invite friends to join MMOBugs with your unique Refer a Friend URL found on your earning page. When they register you will be credited as the as the user who referred them. From then forward any subscription purchases from that user, you will get commission on. How easy is that?
Once your earnings get past $50 you can ask for it to be paid out to you. Sweet isnt it?


MQ2 across multiple clients: MMOBugs supports MQ2 across a number of clients because people have different play needs. So you play on Test server? Cool we got you covered? You play on an emulator? or a mac? We still got you covered. Check out the relevant MQ2 Clients threat to see the latest changes or updates.


Curious? Why don't you Register Now for a free MMOBugs account, and try our MacroQuest2 Trial Version for Free.

This is just the start of the hacks. We have a forum filled with years of helpful information, along with plugins that will help you with any part of the game you can imagine. EverQuest and MacroQuest2 has been our life for over a decade now, once you join you will see the years of work that have been put into this site to help the community.

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