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Plugin Info
Name MQ2VladUtil
Author Vladus2000
Link Wiki Link
Commands varies.
Source Available Yes
Uses INI File No


Vlad's Personal Plugin With A Bunch Of Little Commands and a few TLO's.


Hackish Commands:

  • /lockweight
  • /nodrunk
  • /swimskill
  • /ultravision
  • /faerune
  • /vhack : load vlad's recommended hack plugins
  • /vcrack : load vlad's recommended do crack's

Misc Commands:

  • /plugin : new /plugin command lets you omit mq2 on plugin names, lets you know if a plugin is already loaded when trying to load one, and more
  • /vwanted : controls the Wanted part of the Vlad TLO, which includes items you can add to your HUD for wanted buffs.
  • /mmouseto : move the mouse to give location
  • /vclickoff : click off a buff
  • /vgate : cast gate
  • /vecho : /echo without [MQ2]
  • /chatblock : block chat to certain places (say, emotes, group, etc)
  • /ggsay : (there are one of these for each chat type) - do an unblocked group command, requires PacketAPI to be loaded
  • /remotecmd : control who can send you // commands to run
  • /remotemgr : control who you will auto accept groups from
  • /vhelp : attempt to get help on a command or plugin
  • /vload : load vlad's recommended plugins
  • /vevent : causes an event of [Vlad] Text to go to your macro at a configurable rate
  • /noecho : /echo without appearing, useful to trigger things in macros without spam
  • /feedline : /vecho without appearing

EQBC extensions

    /bcforward : forward incoming/outgoing chat to /bc
    /bcrouter : route outgoing chat to /bc with advanced option of making it appear to the others on
       bc as a chat of the type (so routing group will make group routed text look like a group message)
    /bcgsay : (there are one of these for each chat type) - do a group say over /bc
    /vbc : enable/disable vladutil bc extensions
    /vbcgroup : shortcut to route group commands over /bc
    /vbctell : shortcut to foward tells to /bc


    Text - XxY
    X - size of the X portion of the screen
    Y - size of the Y portion of the screen
    CX - center of X
    CY - center of Y

    RodName - name of ModRod
    RodDuration - how many charges the rod has and its reuse
    FeignDuration - how long you have been feigning


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile.