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Plugin Info
Name MQ2StartMacro
Author Xeniaz
Link Wiki Link
Commands /startmacro
Source Available No
Uses INI File No


MQ2StartMacro This plugin helps in two situations. You may have trouble remembering which macro or what arguments are needed for desired operation. Configure it once in the INI and use the /startmacro command to start it for you. This is also very useful combined with EQBC to have all characters in your channel or the whole server start their macros.


MQ2StartMacro provides a single command to start any macro with pre-defined arguments:

  • /startmacro

/startmacro MacroName Arg1 Arg2 can be used to configure your macro parameters in game.

Configuration Explanation

Required File: MQ2StartMacro.ini is used to configure this plugin. The structure of this file looks like this

CharacterName=MacroName Arg1 Arg2 etc...


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile, MMOBugs Installable Compile.