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Plugin Info
Name MQ2MMOWarp
Author MMOBugs Developers
Link Wiki Link
Commands /warp
Source Available No
Uses INI File No


MQ2MMOWarp allows you to move around the zone without running

Active Hack

See this forum post regarding the risks of active hacks.

To enable edit macroquest.ini

find the line that says


change it to


Then reload mmoloader


  • /warp target Warps to your target
  • /warp rtarget Warps a small random distance & direction from your target
  • /warp item Warps to your targeted item
  • /warp s Warps to zones succor point
  • /succor zones to the zones succor point

Example Usage

/warp [(s)uccor|last|loc <y x z>|dir <distance>|(t)arget [(n|rtarget <maxdist>|s|e|w) distance]|wp <wp name>]

  • /warp t - Warps to Current Target
  • /warp t e 5 - Warps 5 units East of target(can use any direction and number)
  • /warp rt - Warps a random direction from, and random 2-10 units distance from Current Target
  • /warp rt 25- Warps a random direction from, and random 2-25 units distance from Current Target
  • /warp s - Warps To Succor Point
  • /zwarp - Warps Vertically - Setgrav 0 before going higher then 200 units. Most zones are only 3000-5000 units high.
  • /waypoint add <waypoint name> - Adds Warp Waypoint
  • /exactloc - Gives Your Characters Exact Location
  • /setgrav - Sets Zone Gravity
  • /warp return - Returns you to where you were before you warped


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile.