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Plugin Info
Name MQ2AutoBuff
Version 3.0
Author unknown
Commands /ab /db /tb /dq /cq /readini /abhelp /abc
Uses INI File Yes


MQ2AutoBuff is a plugin that will automatically cast buffs you configure it to, based on a "queue", and requests from chars.


MQ2AutoBuff provides several commands and options for configuration:

  • /ab will pause/restart processing of the buff queue & buff requests.
  • /db <name> <buff keyword> will add a buff to the queue for <name>.
  • /tb <buff keyword> will add a buff to the queue for your target.
  • /dq lists buffs in the queue.
  • /cq clears the buff queue.
  • /abd turns debugging messages on or off.
  • /readini reloads your options from INI file.
  • /abhelp displays the help screen (command list summary).
  • /abc displays the status screen for authorized users control.

The plugin will use section called [MQ2AutoBuff] in Servername_Charname.ini, located in your main MQ2 directory. For example, if your char is named Zedd on bertox, it will use bertox_zedd.ini.

INI format:

  • Keys1=comma separated keyword list
  • Name1=spell/aa or item name
  • Type1=gem# to mem in or item or alt
  • Keys2=comma separated keyword list
  • Name2=spell/aa or item name
  • Type2=gem# to mem in or item or alt

INI example:

  • [MQ2AutoBuff]
  • AutoBuff=on
  • Keys1=c1,clarity,crack
  • Name1=Clarity
  • Type1=gem1
  • Keys2=gimme,uberbuff
  • Name2=Rod of Infinite Uberness
  • Type2=item
  • Keys2=hitme,uberbuff2
  • Name2=AA Spell of Whatever
  • Type2=alt
  • UseAuthorizedNames=on
  • AutoBuffGuild=on
  • AutoAdd=on
  • [MQ2AutoBuff_Authorized_Names]
  • Name1=candiass
  • Name2=zedd


This plugin comes with all MMOBugs distributions.