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MMOBugs is an EverQuest largest MacroQuest2 community which is focused on providing highly customized versions of MacroQuest 2 for easy downloading. MacroQuest 2 is an addon program for EverQuest that allows you to alter your EQ client to do such things as displaying mobs on your ingame map or to fully automate your ingame character. Along with MQ2, we also offer the latest information on cheats, hacks, guides and a marketplace for EverQuest.


Fry had been an EverQuest addict since Beta phase 3 and lived and breathed the game for many years. He stumbled across the first version MacroQuest while trying to figure out if certain raid mobs were up or not. This somehow lead to compiling and distributing MacroQuest 2 via email to 20+ people. The dynamics of emailing so many people after patches made him realize he needed to create a website to distribute it to friends, which lead to the creation of MMOBugs in January 2005.

Era of NoDelay

By the end of 2005 active hacks such as warping and zoning were becoming very popular, which caused a big influx of new users to MMOBugs. Velium turn-in exploit and Seru macro were allowing members to max aa's and levels fast, and we were playing with ghostkill but one of the juiciest exploit was about to be released.

In October 2006 MonkBug was found which would change EQ forever. This bug allowed monks to output insane amounts of damage due to a bug on how skill intimidation and the AA Technique of Master Wu interacted together. By sending hundreds of intimidation skill packets to the server per second, it would trigger Technique of Master Wu AA which could be used to produce thousands of damage per second. Add ghostkill to this so you didn't get hit and it allowed many raid mobs to be destroyed by single monks.

MonkBug got fixed after many months later, but in April 2007 another bug surfaced which allowed any class to preform instant attacks, which put out even more damage than MonkBug. High damage, low delay 2 handers, and Shadow Knights became the rage and high end raid mobs again were being soloed by characters again.

Active Hack Ban Wave

Once NoDelay was fixed, the game was pretty peaceful. Warp and zone were still very popular methods of getting around. In November 2011 SoE finally implemented a method to track character movement ingame to figure out if people were warping and zoning.

Suspension waves hit in December 2011, January 2012, March 2012, May 2012, June 2012, August 2012 and January 2013 for anyone who used /warp, /zone or any other plugins that moved your character in ways it normally couldn't. The suspensions were for 14 days, on third offense they would permanently ban your account. As of October 2014, it has been 22 months since an active hack ban wave.

All Old MMOBugs Moderators and Developers

Anthrax - Admin/Moderator.

Brainiac - Developer.

Bunkhouse - Moderator.

Cobalt - Developer.

Coffee - Developer.

Cronic - Developer and Grand Daddy Active Hack Writer.

Darg - Moderator.

Digitalpixel - Developer.

DT - Moderator.

Drellisdee - Developer.

Fossilx - Creator of MMOLoader server code, and many plugins/UI's.

Fry - Hobo.

Galuvwen - Developer.

Htw - Long time developer and author of MMOLoader.

Imgregrice - Current Moderator.

JoeK - Developer.

Kkthnx - Current Moderator.

Kodilynn - First ever lifetime member, and still active moderator.

Lord_Vyper - Server tech and Developer.

MickyMe - Moderator.

odessa - Developer.

Pepper - Moderator.

PeteSampras - Macro Master.

Psycotic - Long time developer and admin.

Rob - Server tech and whipping boy.

s0rcier - Plugin creator.

Villageidiot - Current Moderator.

Vladus2000 - Plugin creator.

Wasted - Server tech.

WickedMofo - Offset master.

WickedMyth - Developer.

Xeniaz - Developer.

Yoda007 - Moderator.

Z166204 - Developer.

Zippzipp - Plugin developer.