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Help Wanted

Here you will find a list of items that are in need up updating within the WIKI.

Getting Started

This page is intended to be the introduction guide to everything that a new user would need to know to hit the ground running. Obviously this page needs content. Additional Getting Started information can be found here for use in the WIKI: Forum - Getting Started with MQ2

Plugin List

Currently we have a (mostly) complete plugin list which is the documentation for each plugin. There are however quite a few plugins that have been added or modified over the years where the information is lacking. As you are reviewing information and learning the different plugins, please update the WIKI for that plugin if you come across incorrect or missing items.

FAQ Pages

Naturally a wiki is a great place for information such as FAQs, the following links could be converted to wiki and updated on the FAQ Pages section, hopefully with enhancements to provide greater detail of information:

+ Forum - MMOBugs FAQ

+ Forum - MQ2 FAQ

+ Forum - Compiles, Plugins and Offsets FAQ


Anything that needs some explanation should have documentation here. Do you have some information about a macro that you find useful, or a how-to guide for a quest? The wiki is a great place for this kind of information.

If you are editing or creating new pages in the MMOBugs Wiki, please see the Style Guide. A Sandbox has been created for testing and learning wiki markup, content created here will not be saved.