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Plugin Info
Name MQ2CPULoad
Author User:Dewey2461
Commands /cpu


This plugin acts as a CPU load balancer for EQ.

Using this plugin you will be able to dynamically adjust which instances are running on which cores or allow the plugin to automatically make sure instance in the foreground is on its own cpu.


  • This should override any cpuaffinity settings EQ had before running this plugin.

Author's Advice:

  • If you have more cpu cores than characters you do not need this plugin.
  • If you run more characters than cpu cores, you want to type /cpu auto and switch to various characters and type /cpu to show how they get shuffled around so the character with focus always stays on its own core.


  • /cpu shows basic status
  • /cpu help shows help info
  • /cpu auto turns on auto balancing
  • /cpu manual turns off auto balancing
  • /cpu set manually moves current instance to another core
  • /cpu high flags current instance as high priority
  • /cpu low flags current instance as low priority
  • /cpu report how much debugging info do you want?


/cpu status
MQ2CpuLoad::Status for XYZ
Core 1 [ 20 ] Foobar 21 FPS , Fooclr 20 FPS
Core 2 [ 11 ] >Foomnk 35 FPS

This shows three characters Foobar, Fooclr, and Foomnk running on a dual
core system with the frame rates shown.

In front of each character name will be a status symbol:
">" the character has keyboard focus.
"*" the character is flaged high priority.
"-" the character has not responded in 6s and may be going LD.


MQ2CPUStatus is available as a compiled binary in the MMOBugs binary distribution. The source code is not available.