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    MMOLoader: Updates, Comments, Discussion, and FAQ

    Using the launcher is it possible to set up a group profile with individual characters launching from independent file paths (multiple eq installs), each time one character file path is changed all change at the moment.
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    WinEq Stops Working?

    Was having the same issues too, found that rebooting my router sorted it once their server was back up, guessing something to do with DNS translation not resetting
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    Mq2Melee issue

    Version 5.277 Worked fine up till yesterday I think
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    Mq2Melee issue

    With the Synergy issue I've noticed that it's not firing correctly, I get you must wait 1 second before using this ability when it tries to fire, then it stops firing at all...
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    eqbcs dumb questions

    have you actually started the server running (right click mmobugs on the system tray, Options, EQBCS, Start now...
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    Random Question.....

    Your wish is my command, gives me a few days to come up with some choice insults :P
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    Random Question.....

    Maybe he wants to wish everyone a merry christmas? :-P
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    Fippy Darkpaw Raid

    what dyou mean when you say use as a dps or a tank click... what's the effect do, or do you just mean have a melee class click it?
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    Fippy Darkpaw Raid

    Wow that was really.... Unclear, anychance of a clarification?
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    Now MQ2Melee can auto launch the monk new discs---Vigorous Shuriken??

    Just add the following two lines to your Charname_Server.ini in the macroquest folder. holyflagX=1 holyshitX=/if (${Me.CombatAbilityReady[Vigorous Shuriken*]}) /disc Vigorous Shuriken* (Replace X with a non conflicting number, and add Rk. II or Rk. III to replace the *s or delete them as...
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    Boomerang Brawl

    All 3 have to be in zone, need all three names selected to enter zone then task ends in 2 min if all 3 required are not in zone. I use a pretty simple mac if there're others in zone, pretty much guarentees a win as long as you don't run into too many barrels. (Have to be playing as blue team...
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    Tower of Discord - The Mindblight

    Thought I'd just add a quick little mac I made to call the moves in raid in case anyone's got any problems with that, very simple mac, I just start it up at the beginning of the event and end it once done... Used the random function to add a little variation in calls, can alter this value, or...
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    Post your Holyshits and Downshits!

    Think this is what you need to get it to work " holyshit1=/if (${melee.combat} && ${Me.PctHPs}<=45} && !${Me.Buff[Defer Death Rk. II].ID}) /disc defer death Rk. II "
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    Recommendation for Naggy.

    I can confirm can be 3boxed, did so today with chanter mage and cleric, will be doing so again in future though I'll probably tend toward 2x chanter and a cleric
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    GM check

    Is there any way to disable gm checking? I do a /gmcheck off and it tells me it's no longer monitoring for GMs however I still get the GM reminders, and more irritatingly the audible reminders. I tend to leave my pc running overnight in the guild lobby and find it somewhat irritating that at...