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    Krono's Trivia Giveaway

    Hello, It doesn't seem that I gotten alot of response for this weekend Give-Away. so we will be cancelling the giveaway for 9/26 and 9/27 for this weekend and try for next weekend maybe we could get at least a few people to participate. Thank you.
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    Krono's Trivia Giveaway

    The first weekend enrollment for the krono Giveaway will be this weekend. The first Giveaway will be held at 7pm CST SATURDAY September 26, 2020 as indicated for your reference to evaluate your time: 1. You must post below that you are anticipating to participate. Once you have posted you...
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    Krono's Trivia Giveaway

    Hello Bugs Members. I was hoping to start giving away 2 kronos for this trivia event but after a mass amount of questions and realizing time differences; there will be 2 separate giveaways which will be based on GMT time to give a chance for everyone that choose to participate to get involved...
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    MMOBugs vs RedGuides

    well tbh here is my persoanl view. If you want to learn how things work instead of having to rely on other people to solve it for you and then keep pondering to yourself WHY? then MMOBUGS.COM is the place to be. not to compare another site with here, but at least before you get your answers...
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    Krono's Trivia Giveaway

    I will be hosting a Krono Giveaway each weekend for those that are interested in participating. This give away is not funded through MMOBUGS.COM or any developers or anyone aside from myself personally. This will be a trivia that will consist of EverQuest Game Play or perhaps the history of...
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    WTS Multiple 110-115 Characters

    Purchased another and ordered another. as usual great service :)
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    How can I get monk to stand up after feigning when bot pulling?

    you can set a check so if it evaluates true then it will stand you up based on your percentage. As an example: Standup=1 Standupif=${If[${Me.PctHps} > 99 ,1,0]} or you can try: Standupif=${If[${Me.PctHps}==100 ,1,0]} the first option should work. so it wont stand you up unless your hit...
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    Hello Everyone, I am posting this information for those of us that would like to use the plugin "MQ2AutoLoot" from the MMOBugs Compile Plugin distribution. In this post, there will be two (2) sections which will consist of Rarity items from Empire of Kunark and TOV/COV. First, for those of...
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    WTS Multiple 110-115 Characters

    Thank you. So excited :) hi hi :) Excelent service :) :)
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    Service WTB Somebody to create holyshits for me...because I suck

    holy Cow I can help you if you like. I don't expect payments but im sure I can at least assist you. Renji is a good source for assistance. let me know if you still need help.
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    Question Need Help Please

    I helped someone with this exact same issue, even her UI was reseeting, to find out her download was from Steam. My suggestion is to try to downloaf the game through the site and instead of using steam to launch (if you are) just use the launchpad.
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    Kronos 1 Day Krono Sale (X30)

    1 Day Krono Sale (X50) $7.00 Each I have 50 Krono's available for sale. $350.00 for all 50, that is $7.00 each. I have a good reputation on selling so I guarantee you this is not a scam. I am also on MMOBUGS.COM Discord channel if you want to chat. Thank You
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    IslandGirls's Stuff (115 Berserker for Sale)

    April 2018 - Bump Logs Bump - Date Updated 4/30/2018 Added Staff of the Shai'din Bump - Date Updated 4/30/2018 Added Mage's Golden Hoop Bump - Date Updated 4/30/2018 Updated Krono's In-Stock
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    Question XTarget

    Does anyone have a syntax example or know if you have a Named in the XTarget Window? Thank you
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    One spell wont cast

    Touch of T`Vem not the apostrophe