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Plugin Info
Name MQ2WickedSpeed
Author Wickedmofo
Link Forums
Commands /speed
Source Available No
Uses INI File No


MQ2WickedSpeed allows you to modify your run speed. To determine your real in game run speed you can type (while running!): /echo ${Me.Speed}.

Active Hack

See this forum post regarding the risks of active hacks.

To enable edit macroquest.ini

find the line that says


change it to


Then reload mmoloader


  • /Speed <Movement Value> Movement value should be 100 or more as 100 is the default runspeed for a character with no Run Speed AAs or movement buffs. i.e. /speed 100 sets your run speed to approximately the same speed as a character with no Run Speed AAs purchased.
  • /Speed 100 Normal no Run Speed AAs
  • /Speed 150 Roughly estimated to be Normal Run Speed 5
  • /Speed 155 Roughly estimated to be Sow speed
  • /Speed 170 Roughly estimated to be SOE speed
  • /Speed 270 Roughly estimated to be Selos speed


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile.