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Plugin Info
Name MQ2TributeManager
Author Alt228
Link Forum Link
Commands /tribute
Source Available Yes
Uses INI File Yes


MQ2TributeManager Adds a /tribute command in game with automatic tribute status management capabilities.

The TLO name is Tribute, here are the members, in case anyone wants to add to hud, macro, etc.:

  • Mode: {string} Returns the current mode as Manual, Auto, OffWhenExpired.
  • CombatState: {string} Returns the combat state as Combat, Debuffed, Cooldown, Active, Resting
  • nCombatState: {int} Returns the combat state as 0=Combat, 1=Debuffed, 2=Cooldown, 3=Active, 4=Resting
  • Initialized: {bool} Returns true/false for initialization status of plugin
  • UseDet: {bool} Returns true/false for option EnableDetremental
  • Fudge: {int} Returns value for the 'fudge' factor
  • CastingID: {int} Returns value for current spell casting ID
  • ActiveFavorCost: {int} Returns your active favor cost
  • Active: {bool} Returns true/false for status of your tribute (on/off)
  • Timer: {ticks} Returns ticks for the tribute timer

Example: ${Tribute.TributeActive}
Example: ${Tribute.Timer.Time}


  • /tribute on Toggle tribute on.
  • /tribute off Toggle tribute off.
  • /tribute auto Toggle tribute on or off based on combat state automatically.
  • /tribute enabledetrimental Enables turning tribute on when casting a detrimental spell.
  • /tribute disabledetrimental Disables turning tribute on when casting a detrimental spell.
  • /tribute enabletrophy Enables trophy control.
  • /tribute disabletrophy Disables trophy control.
  • /tribute forceoff Toggle tribute off immediately ignoring any remaining time left.
  • /tribute show Shows the current mode the plugin is running in (i.e. on/off/auto).
  • /tribute savesettings Saves current plugin configuration to the .ini.


MQ2TributeManager is configured via slash commands. Your saved configuration is stored in the MQ2TributeManager.ini. The plugin stores each toons configuration seperately within the .ini with sections based on server_toonname.

Command options can be grouped together, like so:

/tribute on auto savesettings | This will turn on tribute, and then set the plugin to manage tribute automatically based on combat state. So if you are resting and the current favor period has expired the plugin will turn tribute off and then the next time you enter combat it will turn tribute on.

Example Configuration




This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile.