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Plugin Info
Name MQ2Telnet
Author MQ2 Devs
Link Forums
Commands /telnet
Source Available Yes
Uses INI File Yes


MQ2Telnet is a telnet server for MQ2. With this enabled and configured you can use any available telnet client to connect to your EQ session and issue commands to your toon/s.


  • /telnet Displays currently connected telnet users.


You must enable the telnet server in mq2telnet.ini's [Telnet Server] section.

Set a valid Port=### in the [Users] section, add <USER>=, where <USER>and are the username and password you need enter to access the telnet server. Also, please set a "Welcome=message"

Using telnet Use a real telnet client. (Putty works well for this)

Connect to the system running EQ/MQ using the port you have in your ini. You should see your Welcome

message and a password prompt. (Enter it ;) 

Anything you type into the telnet session will be sent to the client and executed directly (like a macro statement)

Any chat output will be sent to your telnet session.

Example Configuration


[Telnet Server]
; port = 0 off, else put the port number here
; localonly boolean -- supposedly does a get peer name to compare address
; but you must use the hostname not or localhost when connecting
Welcome=Welcome to my toon!



This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile.