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Plugin Info
Name MQ2TaskAddAccept
Author Sadge
Link Forum Link
Commands /autotask
Source Available Yes
Uses INI File Yes


MQ2TaskAddAccept This plugin automates accepting task invites from other toons. In the MQ2TaskAddAccept.ini file, you can change the options for accepting tasks from everyone or just the toons you list in the ini file. When accepting task adds the default delay for accepting is 2 seconds. You can control the delay with the delay option (see below).


  • /autotask Shows current status/options.
  • /autotask on Accept task adds from EVERYONE.
  • /autotask off Accept task adds only from characters listed in your auto accept list.
  • /autotask character_name Add this char to your list to accept tasks from.
  • /autotask remove character_name Remove specific char from your list of toons to accept tasks from.
  • /autotask list List toons on your auto accept list.
  • /autotask reload Reload options and names from your INI file.
  • /autotask delay ## Sets delay to ## seconds for auto accepting tasks (0 to 10 seconds, 0 = no delay)
  • /autotask help Show command options.


MQ2TaskAddAccept is configured either via an .ini file or through slash commands. See slash commands available listed above. By default it accepts task adds from EVERYONE. To change that type /autotask off. Then to add the toons you will accept task adds from type /autotask character_name, repeat that command for each toon you want to allow.

Example Configuration




This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile.