MQ2Stealth - MMOBugs Wiki

Plugin Info
Name MQ2Stealth
Version 2.0
Author MMOBugs Developers
Commands /stealth /cloot
Uses INI File No


MQ2Stealth is a plugin that lets you move around a zone , client-side only , avoiding agro from MOBs. It also includes the /cloot command from the old MQ2CLoot plugin, that provides for stealth/warp/auto looting.


  • This plugin has the ability to move around the zone without getting aggro on mobs, but also allows you to interact with objects such as picking up items, clicking doors, and looting corpses while stealthed.

Active Hack

See this forum post regarding the risks of active hacks.

To enable edit macroquest.ini

find the line that says


change it to


Then reload mmoloader


MQ2Stealth provides two commands with several options:

  • /stealth on will turn stealth on, allowing you to move around client-side only.
  • /stealth off will turn stealth mode off at your current location, and move you to that location. This will show as a warp to anyone watching.
  • /stealth return Returns you to the point at which you issued the stealth on command.
  • /stealth reset Returns you to the point at which you issued the stealth on command and then turns stealth mode off.
  • /cloot This will show the correct usage of the plugin IE /cloot [move|auto|all|SlotID|Save]
  • /cloot move This function turns on the ability to loot from anywher ein zone. WARNING This is using active hacks to do so. This will warp you to the target loot all and back extremely fast so you will flash at the corpse for a brief instant.
  • /cloot auto This will turn on or off the auto inventory portion of the looting.
  • /cloot all If a corpse is targeted, this will loot everything on the corpse almost instantly.
  • /cloot save This will save your cloot settings


This plugin comes with the MMOBugs binary and install distributions. Source code is not available.