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Plugin Info
Name MQ2SpellTimer
Author s0rcier
Link Wiki Link
Commands /spelltimer
Source Available Yes
Uses INI File No


Keeps track of spell timers via UI popup. You must reload your UI to bring up the SpellTimer popup window after loading plugin.


  • /spelltimer : Tell the plugin to show his current version, scan your inventory for clickies item and focus item, and force him to popup the spell timer window. (This should be called each time you finish looting your corpse when you die. Otherwise you will loose detection of instant clickes/aas and get wrong duration report on beneficial/detrimental spells.)


 - No ini files needed, no need to setup durations of spells.
 - Support instant clikies and instant aas casted on yourself. 
 - Attempt to keep track of all ae spells that you cast. 
 - Easy to use XML window with lots of filtering options. 
 - Easy to setup preference for left or right clicking on list. 
 - XML Window locked mode that wont close if you hit escape. 
 - Auto Save your XML window preferences when plugin unload.


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile.