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Plugin Info
Name MQ2ShitList
Author htw
Link Wiki Link
Commands /shitlist
Source Available Yes
Uses INI File No


Lets you maintain a list of "noobs", people who annoy you, who you hate, who you want to not buff, group with, whatever... except you would rather not put them on /ignore, so you can see what they're "up to". Esp. if they happen to be in your group or guild.


  • /shitlist add <PC Name> : Add a pc to your shitlist by name.
  • /shitlist delete <PC Name> : Delete pc from your shitlist by name.
  • /shitlist addtarget : Adds current target to your shitlist.
  • /shitlist on : Turns alerting on.
  • /shitlist off : Turns alerting off.
  • /shitlist list : Prints out your shitlist.
  • /shitlist sort : Sorts your shitlist by name.

Alerting, when on, will let you know if someone on your shitlist zones in, zones out, sends you a tell, or talks in shout/ooc/auction.


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile.