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Plugin Info
Name MQ2Pop
Version 1.0
Author Notadruid
Commands /popfilter
Uses INI File Yes


MQ2Pop is a plugin that will notify you in the MQ2 chat window when an NPC pops like 'Pop > Mob Name', and if the NPC's name contains a # it will say 'Named > Mob Name'. You can also set it to show pops of named NPCs only (within the limits of MQ2's capabilities).


MQ2Pop provides one command and several options for configuration:

  • /popfilter on will alert on all mob pops.
  • /popfilter off will turn off all alerts.
  • /popfilter named will alert on named mob pops only.
  • /popfilter ground will alert on named mob pops only.
  • /popfilter zoned will filter out alerts that happen before you are fully zoned.
  • /popfilter actor will filter out alerts that happen for ground items with ACTOR in their name (if ground option is on).
  • /popfilter id will show mob ID in the alert text, in addition to the name.
  • /popfilter load will reload ignore filters from the INI file.
  • /popfilter list will list your current ignore filters.
  • /popfilter +ignore "name" will add the specified name to the ignore list.
  • /popfilter -ignore "name" will remove the specified name from the ignore list.


The following are entries in MQ2Pop.ini. Any in-game command (/popfilter) immediately saves your current option in use.

  • Named=1|0 1=Named mob alert on, 0=Named mob alert off
  • Regular=1|0 1=Regular mob alert on, 0=Regular mob alert off
  • Ground=1|0 1=Ground spawn alert on, 0=Ground spawn alert off
  • FilterZoned=1|0 1=Zoned filter on, 0=Zoned filter off
  • FilterActor=1|0 1=Actor filter on, 0=Actor filter off
  • ID=1|0 1=ID in alert on, 0=ID in alert off
  • 1,2,3,...=name list of names to ignore (under the [Ignore] section of the INI file)

Top Level Object

MQ2Pop adds a new TLO called Pop. Members:

  • LastID The ID (int) of the last reported pop.
  • LastName The Name (string) of the last reported pop.


This plugin comes with all MMOBugs distributions.