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Plugin Info
Name MQ2NetHeal
Author S0rcier
Link MQ2 VIP
Commands /netheal /netcure /networst
Source Available Yes
Uses INI File Yes


MQ2NetHeal provides MQ2EQBC connected clients a way to share health/debuff status and statistics via Top-Level Object members.


  • /netheal on/off Toggles plugin off or on
  • /netheal grab=on/off Toggles whether clients will receive status updates from other NetHeal connected clients.
  • /netheal send=on/off Toggles whether the client will send NetHeal status updates to EQBCS for sharing with other clients.
  • /netheal hot/da [Time] [List] Labels List with "hot" or "da" flag for set amount of time (Time is in milliseconds).
  • /netcure on/off Toggles watching for curing.
  • /netcure audio=on/off Toggles playing a sound.
  • /netcure popup=on/off Toggle displaying popup alerts.
  • /netcure quiet=on/off Toggles sending netcure information to EQBCS.
  • /networst on/off Toggles watching spawns health.
  • /networst audio=on/off Toggles playing a sound on or off.
  • /networst popup=on/off Toggles display a popup message on or off.
  • /networst quiet=on/off Toggles sending networst information to EQBCS.
  • /worsttarget <query> Targets the spawn that matches the search parameters. Valid search values are: radius,hp,pet,pc,group,self,fd,da,hot,war,clr,pal,rng,shd,dru,mnk,brd,rog,shm,nec,wiz,mag,enc,bst,ber,all or #ID#.
  • /worstcycle <query> Cycles to the next spawn that matches the query. Valid search values are: radius,hp,pet,pc,group,self,fd,da,hot,war,clr,pal,rng,shd,dru,mnk,brd,rog,shm,nec,wiz,mag,enc,bst,ber,all or #ID#.

Example Configuration



Top-Level Object

  • ${NetHeal} ${NetHeal[X].Name} or ${NetHeal.Name[Y]} where X can be Spawn Name/ID or Y as a numerical index of Last ${NetWorst.Request}

  • ${NetHeal[X].Name} :String Returns Spawns Name
  • ${NetHeal[X].ID} :int Returns SpawnID
  • ${NetHeal[X].Distance} :float Returns distance to spawn
  • ${NetHeal[X].PctHPs} :int Returns spawns current hitpoint percentage
  • ${NetHeal[X].Pet} :bool Is this a pet?
  • ${NetHeal[X].Class} :int Returns spawns class
  • ${NetHeal[X].Feign} :bool Returns if spawn is feigning
  • ${NetHeal[X].Canni} :bool Returns if spawn is a cannibalize class.
  • ${NetHeal[X].Spawn} :int Returns spawn
  • ${NetHeal[X].da} :int Returns da timer left
  • ${NetHeal[X].hot} :int Returns hot timer left
  • ${NetHeal[X].Updated} :int Returns how old this is

  • ${NetCure} ${NetCure[X].Name} where X can be Spawn Name/ID.

  • ${NetCure[X]} :string Returns list of harmfull effects.
  • ${NetCure[X].Detrimentals} :int Return # of Detrimental Spell Effects.
  • ${NetCure[X].Counters} :int Returns # of Counters.
  • ${NetCure[X].Cursed} :int Returns # of Curse Counters.
  • ${NetCure[X].Diseased} :int Returns # of Disease Counters.
  • ${NetCure[X].Poisoned} :int Returns # of Poison Counters.
  • ${NetCure[X].EnduDrain} :int Returns # of Endurance Drain Per Tick.
  • ${NetCure[X].LifeDrain} :int Returns # of HPs Drained Per Tick.
  • ${NetCure[X].ManaDrain} :int Returns # of Mana Drained Per Tick
  • ${NetCure[X].Blinded} :int Returns # Blind Spells.
  • ${NetCure[X].CastingLevel} :int Returns # Reducing Casting Level.
  • ${NetCure[X].Charmed} :int Returns # Charm Spells.
  • ${NetCure[X].Feared} :int Returns # Fear Spells.
  • ${NetCure[X].Healing} :int Returns # Reducing Healing Effectiveness.
  • ${NetCure[X].Invulnerable} :int Returns # Invulnerability Spells
  • ${NetCure[X].Mesmerized} :int Returns # Memsmerize Spells.
  • ${NetCure[X].Resistance} :int Returns # Resist Debuff Spells.
  • ${NetCure[X].Rooted} :int Returns # Root Spells.
  • ${NetCure[X].Silenced) :int Returns # Silence Spells.
  • ${NetCure[X].Slowed} :int Returns # Slow Spells.
  • ${NetCure[X].Snared} :int Returns # Snare Spells.
  • ${NetCure[X].SpellCost} :int Returns # Affecting Spell Mana Cost.
  • ${NetCure[X].SpellSlowed} :int Returns # Slowing Casting Speed.
  • ${NetCure[X].SpellDamage} :int Returns # Reducing Spell Damage.
  • ${NetCure[X].Trigger} :int Returns # That Trigger Something.
  • ${NetWorst}

  • ${NetWorst.Affects} :int Returns Last # of People in Query Range.
  • ${NetWorst.Average} :float Returns HP Average People in Last Query.
  • ${NetWorst.Counter} :int Return Last # of People Matching Last Query.
  • ${NetWorst.Members} :string Return People SpawnID List of Last Query.
  • ${NetWorst.Request[X]} :int Return # of People Matching X. Valid query parameters are: radius,hp,pet,pc,group,self,fd,da,hot,war,clr,pal,rng,shd,dru,mnk,brd,rog,shm,nec,wiz,mag,enc,bst,ber,all or #ID#.


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile.