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Plugin Info
Name MQ2Nav
Author Brainiac
Link None
Commands /navigate
Source Available Yes
Uses INI File Yes


MQ2Nav is a navigation mesh plugin for MacroQuest2. This is based on the origin MQ2Navigation plugin, but has been heavily rewritten to take advantage of newer libraries that are available. The plugin also includes a 3d overlay to display navigation meshes as well as a debugging UI.

This project consists of two parts: The MQ2 Plugin (MQ2Nav.dll), and the Mesh Generator (MeshGenerator.exe)

You can download mesh paths for almost all zones at MQMesh

The default folder mesh storage is the Resources/MQ2Nav in your MacroQuest folder.


  • /navigate [save | load] Save/Load settings.
  • /navigate Reload Reload Navmesh.
  • /navigate Recordwaypoint <waypoint name> <waypoint tag> create a waypoint.
  • /navigate Target Navigate to target.
  • /navigate loc X Y Z Navigate to coordinates.
  • /navigate Item [click] [once] Navigate to item (and click it)
  • /navigate Door Navigate to door/option (and click it)
  • /navigate Waypoint Navigate to waypoint.
  • /navigate Stop Stop navigation.
  • /navigate Pause Pause navigation.
  • /navigate ui toggle displaying the in-game user interface


Data Types - Navigation

  • ${Navigation.Active} :Boolean Returns true if navigation is currently active
  • ${Navigation.Paused} :Boolean Returns true if navigation is currently paused
  • ${Navigation.MeshLoaded} : Boolean Returns true if a mesh is loaded in the zone
  • ${Navigation.PathExists[navigation parameters]} :Boolean Returns true if the specified navigation parameters results in a navigatable path. Navigation parameters are the same parameters that would be passed to /nav
  • ${Navigation.PathLength[navigation parameters} :Float Similar to PathExists, but returns the length of the path if one is found
  • ${Navigation.Setting[ini file setting]} :String Returns the value for the specified setting from your ini file
  • ${Navigation.Velocity} :Int Returns your current velocity


Mesh Generator Tutorial



This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile.