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Plugin Info
Name MQ2MMOText
Author MMOBugs
Link Wiki Link
Commands /mmotext help
Source Available Yes
Uses INI File Yes


MQ2MMOText is a plugin that can send a text to your cellphone!


  • /mmotext Prints status of phone number and carrier
  • /mmotext help prints commands
  • /mmotext carrier Enumerates list of carriers
  • /mmotext carrier [Carrier Number] Sets phone carrier (Carrier Number obtained from carrier enumeration list)
  • /mmotext number [XXXXXXXXXX] Sets phone number (saved to ini) FORMAT IS STRICT
  • /mmotext send [message you wish to send via text] sends the specific message. Carrier and number MUST be set.

Example Usage

  • /mmotext carrier 1
  • /mmotext number 1231231234
  • /mmotext send GM just came in, your macro has been ended and toons camped out!

Available Carriers

  • 1 - Verizon
  • 2 - AT&T
  • 3 - T-Mobile
  • 4 - Sprint
  • 5 - US Cellular


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile for our Preimum Members.