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Plugin Info
Name MQ2MMOKite
Author MMOBugs Developers
Commands /kite
Source Available Yes


MQ2MMOKite is a plugin that will automatically kite you around your target. This plugin uses warp to move you around your target while letting you cast. Your character won't look like they are moving but you should see your target running in circles around you.

Active Hack

See this forum post regarding the risks of active hacks.

To enable edit macroquest.ini

find the line that says


change it to


Then reload mmoloader


  • /kite Turns kiting on
  • /kite Turns kiting off

Example Usage

Target a mob, /kite on , then have a macro cast for you or just /twist the DD/DoT Spells you want casted.


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile. ***Lifetime Members Only***