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Plugin Info
Name MQ2Log
Author htw
Link Wiki Link
Commands /tslog
Uses INI File Yes


Logs MQ2 chat window to file.


  • Logs MQ2 messages that would be displayed in the chat window (MQ2Chat or MQ2ChatWnd) to YourMQ2Dir\Logs\MQ2ChatWnd_servername_charname.log


/logts [off|on] - Toggles (or forces on/off) whether the current date/time stamp is pre-pended to each line logged. The current setting is global, and saved in MQ2Log.ini under [Settings], entry: TimeStamp=1 or TimeStamp=0. This setting affects the primary MQ2 command /mqlog in the same manner, for timestamps.

/mmolog - Our logging - same as from MQ2Main MacroLog(), but with filename control, Usage: /mmolog filename::text

/mqlogclean - Outputs macro log without timestamp

/mqlogcustom - Only logs custom args from a macro


/mqtimestamps - This is an undocumented command in MQ2Main that will toggle timestamps for MQ2 logs.


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile.