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Plugin Info
Name MQ2LinkDB
Author Ziggy
Link Wiki Link
Commands /link
Source Available Yes
Uses INI File Yes


MQ2LinkDB is a plugin that can retrieve links from a database file (downloaded separately) and display them to a user. The plugin also has the ability to remember links that are not yet in its database.

Item database files may be downloaded from 13th-Floor

The database file, once extracted, will be named items.txt and should be moved into your MMOBugs Compile directory.


  • /link Displays statistics about the link database.
  • /link /import Loads items.txt into the database. This is the file downloaded from 13th-Floor.
  • /link /max <#> Sets the maximum number of results returned during an item search.
  • /link <itemname> Returns all items in the database whose name contains itemname.

Example Usage

To link the item Ring of the Warlord:

  • /link Ring of the Warlord

The item will be displayed in your chat window disguised as a tell. Using reply will not reply to the plugin and the tells will not show up in chat logs.

To link all items containing the string warlord:

  • /link warlord

To load a downloaded database file:

  • /link /import


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile.