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Plugin Info
Name MQ2Krust
Author Harden
Link Wiki Link
Commands Varies.
Source Available Yes
Uses INI File No


Automates various skills by adding /slash commands.


  • /makepulleritem # : Summon items from clicky, default is 5 clicks or set #
  • /shrinkgroup : if you have the clicky this'll work
  • /mount : mount
  • /dismount : dismount
  • /assistt : assists current target
  • /targetbyhp : Target group member with lowest hp
  • /pbcure : Chain cast Pure Blood til cured
  • /rgccure : Chain cast RGC til cured
  • /lootmycorpse : Loot all of your closest corpse
  • /shieldlowest : If warrior, will /shield lowest grp member ONLY if they below 30% health


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile.