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Plugin Info
Name MQ2Ice
Version 1
Author Dewey2461
Commands /ice on

/ice off

Uses INI File Yes


Moving around on ICE is a PITA. This plugin attempts to make moving around a little easier by automatically toggling run/walk and pausing nav/path/stick when it detects the player skidding on ice.

Users can now define the zone and bounding box for when to toggle walking on. May make more friendly later see "Area" in MQ2Ice.ini , format => [ZoneID] [Min X] [Min Y] [Min Z] [Max X] [Max Y] [Max Z]


  • /ice [on|off] Turns plugin on or off.
  • /ice [nav|path|stick|walk|buff] [true|false] turns individual movement parts on or off.


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile.