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Plugin Info
Name MQ2G15
Author brainiac
Link Forum Link
Source Available No
Uses INI File No. Editable XML files


  • MQ2G15 Shows character info on the Logitech G15 keyboards LCD display. Includes AA count , Name , HP/Mana/End and a direction arrow to your current target. Additional pages can be added with custom XML files. The first page is hard-coded into the plugin.

Example Usage

  • /g15 reload - reloads the plugin and its configuration
  • /g15 page <pagename> - switch immediately to a lcd page by name
  • /g15 next - switch immediately to the next lcd page
  • /g15 prev - switch immediately to the previous lcd page
  • /g15 list - displays a list of currently loaded lcd pages.
  • /g15 screenshot [filename] - takes a screenshot of the current mq2 g15 display and saves it to your mq2 directory

Sample Configuration

Sample XML File


   <PageLayout Name="Demo1">
       <Element Type="Text">
           <Text>This is page 1</Text>
       <Element Type="Gauge">


Configuration Explanation

  • A breakdown of what each XML element and property does follows:

The Config tag is the root of the document. All other tags go inside of this one.

Each page is defined by the contents of a PageLayout tag. Every PageLayout tag is required to have a Name property. This property is how each page is identified.

Each Page Layout has zero or more Element tags. An Element represents something that is displayed onto the screen. Each Element tag is required to have a Type property, which defines what kind of Element it is.

Each Element Type has its own set of tags for defining its behavior. Currently, there are only two types, but I'm planning on adding more:

  • Text - This is a text element. It will display text on the screen.
  • Gauge - This is a graphical gauge.

Each type of element has a Position element that defines where that element will be displayed.

The following listing describes the available configurations specific for each Element type.

  • Text Properties
  • Text- This is the text that will be drawn. This can be macro data, but to use macro data you must set the text as dynamic (see below).
  • Dynamic - Specifies that this text is based on macro data and updates every frame. Valid values are "True" or "False". Default is False.
  • Align - This is the text alignment. This can be either "Left", "Center", or "Right". Default is "Left".
  • FontSize - Size of the font. Currently, values can be either "Small", "Medium", or "Big". Default is "Small"
  • Length - This is the length of the text field. Text that draws beyond this size will be cut off. Length is also used to determine the margin for Center and Right alignment. If no value is specified, length will be adjusted to the right edge of the screen.
  • Scrolling - This will cause the text to scroll right to left. Valid values are "True" and "False"
  • Gauge Properties
  • Value - This is a number or a macro expression that evaluates to a number. Valid ranges of numbers are from 0 - 100. This number represents the value of the vauge as a percent (such as ${Me.PctHPs}).
  • Size - This is expressed as a Width and Height, and defines the size of the guage on the screen.
  • Style - Values are "Cursor" or "Filled". Filled will show a solid bar. Cursor will show a cursor that marks the current value of the gauge. Default is Filled.

Adding your own pages is really easy. A few samples are in the default configuration that is in the included XML file distributing.

To access your new page, you can use the command /g15 page <pagename> or you can use the first two lcd buttons to cycle between available pages.

Version History

Release History

2009-05-14 - v1.2

Removed lifetime subscription requirement.

Increased frame redraw delay to 200ms (5fps) Included target indicator arrow which points to your current target.

2009-01-20 - v1.1 Added /g15 screenshot Added target tracking arrow to main page

2008-09-12 - v1.0 Added new main page layout 2008-08-09 - v1.0 beta

Initial release


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile.