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Plugin Info
Name MQ2FilterSet
Version 1.06
Author htw
Uses INI File Yes


This plugin saves & loads "filter sets", i.e., Chat Filter "sets". (Options - Chat Filters).

When I'm raiding, for example, I turn a lot of filters on, as having all that spam is really quite useless, even in another chat window.


/fisave filterset

/fiload filterset

For example, you could have one called "temp", by setting up your filters how you want them, then typing: /fisave temp

At any time after that, if you want to load that set you would use: /fiload temp

If you join a raid, and a set called 'raid' does not exist, it will be created with the current settings. What you should do, is either "preset" your raid set (set your chat filters, then do /fsave raid), or, after you join a raid, do the same (set chat filters, and /fisave raid).

There are 2 built-in sets: raid & default. The plugin will warn you if either of those sets do not exist when it first saves them, to remind you to verify your chat filters & then overwrite the raid or default set if needed.

This is important to remember, as EQ does not keep chat filters based on char and/or server, it is global. So if you are raiding on WarriorX, and have filters set a certain way, then log out & later log in WizardY, then the filters are still set the way WarriorX had them when raiding.

The plugin saves sets in MQ2FilterSet_* sections, by server/charname (server_charname.ini), so once you have the basics set up via either copy/paste, or just setting them then doing /fisave default, each char will automatically have the proper filters loaded each time you go into game.

When you first log in, the 'default' set will be loaded. If you join a raid, the 'raid' set will be loaded. If you leave a raid, the previously loaded set will be reloaded, or 'default' if a specific one was not previously loaded.


Filter sets are saved in [MQ2FilterSet_*] sections in server_charname.ini, in your MQ2 directory. If you had a char named Bubba on Saryrn, the file would be saryrn_Bubba.ini.

Sample Configuration


Bad Word=Show
Guild Chat=Show
Group Chat=Show
Out of Character=Show
PC Spells=Show
NPC Spells=Show
Spell Criticals=Show
Bard Songs=Hide
Spell Damage=Show
Damage Over Time=Show
Heal Over Time=Show
Focus Effects=Show
Melee Criticals=Hide
My Misses=Hide
Missed Me=Hide
Others' Misses=Hide
Others' Hits=Hide
My Pet Hits=Hide
My Pet Misses=Hide
Pet Spells=Hide
Damage Shields=Hide
Item Speech=Show
Strikethrough Messages=Show
Stun Messages=Show
Bard Songs on Pets=Hide
Fellowship Messages=Show
Mercenary Messages=Hide

Command Syntax

/fisave name

  • name=default: The set loaded when entering game, e.g. /fisave default
  • name=raid: The set loaded when you join a raid, e.g. /fisave raid
  • name=group: The set loaded when you join a group, e.g. /fisave group

/fiload name

  • name: The name of the filter set previously saved (e.g., /fiload current)


MQ2FilterSet is available as part of the MMOBugs plugin distribution.