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Plugin Info
Name MQ2FeedMe
Version 1.08
Author s0rCieR
Commands /autofeed


Source Available Yes
Uses INI File Yes


MQ2Feedme is a plugin which will eat/drink items that you specify, in order to keep your hunger/thirst below a certain level (and thus not eat your stat food). The Source can be found here and an updated version of the plugin, with a few changes, can be found here.


  • /autofeed forces manual feeding
  • /autofeed 0 turns off autofeeding
  • /autofeed 3500 sets up autofeed point and turn on autofeeding.

  • /autodrink 0 forces manual drinking
  • /autodrink 0 turns off autodrinking
  • /autodrink 3500 sets up autodrink point and turn on autodrinking.


This plugin stores its information in the file MQ2FeedMe.ini. This INI file contains a list of all the food/drink that should be consumed.

Sample MQ2FeedMe.ini Entry


Drink2=Water of Eternity 
Drink3=Fuzzlecutter Formula 5000 

Food2=Fish Rolls 
Food3=Rye Of Eternity 


Version History

  • v1.08 remove all reference to actorinfo structure.
  • v1.07 changed way to setup plugin to operates. variable autofeed and autodrink in INI file will be used to determine at what level you want plugin to eat or drink. 0=off. Also added a new command to plugin autodrink as requested.
/autodrink 3500 (set point where plugin should drink, 0=off
/autofeed 3500 (set point where plugin should eat, 0=off
  • v1.06 Major updates to make it compatible to recent game change structures.
  • v1.05 Setting ON/OFF will be save under autofeed section in ini as numerical value (0=off,1=on).
  • v1.04 It will consume last found norent food/drink even if not in inifile before any regular food types defined.
  • v1.03 Change approach for searching in inventory for food/drink to try to consume the smallest stack first.
  • v1.02 Cosmetic fix trying to eat with merchant window open.
  • v1.01 Fixed problems with pack8 and qty window popping up while code try to move back food to their original spot.
  • v1.00 Initial write up.


This plugin comes with the MMOBugs binary and install distributions.