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Plugin Info
Name MQ2FamKiller
Author htw
Link Wiki Link
Commands /wizonly
Source Available Yes
Uses INI File Yes


MQ2FamKiller does the tedious job of killing off your familiar every time you zone or summon him. If you are not a wizard you must edit the ini file to indicate that you want to kill off your familiar as well (or toggle it with the /wizonly command in game).

There is a random time delay before it is killed, so it looks more natural to others.


MQ2FamKiller provides one command and one option for configuration:

  • /wizonly will toggle option to kill wizard familiars only, and save to INI file.




Configuration Explanation

  • WizOnly: Will kill familiars if you are a wizard, change this to off if you are another class and want the familiar killed. Plugin must be reloaded or char zoned to reread the ini and take effect, unless you use the /wizonly command to change this option.


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile, MMOBugs Installable Compile, and MMOBugs Source Zip.