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Plugin Info
Name MQ2EQDraw
Author User:ieatacid
Commands /eqdraw, /iclick


This plugin uses functions from EQ's graphics engine to render lines, shapes and text to the screen. Rendering occurs in OnDrawHUD so your HUD setting (normal, always, underui) will affect its display. Direct3D is only used for the world to screen translation.


  • PC and NPC ESP
  • PC and NPC names
  • Target Data (health bar and race/class)
  • Target Direction (indicates if out-of-view target is to the left or right)
  • Door and Item ESP
  • Door and Item Names


  • /eqdraw menu toggle menu on/off
  • /eqdraw reload reload DoorAdjustments.txt
  • /eqdraw wireframe toggle wireframe on/off
  • /iclick door click doortarget (you must first /doortarget and /face the door. Adding "nolook" to the /face will probably yield better results)
  • /iclick item click item (you must first /itemtarget and /face the item)


An unadjusted badly located click box to trigger a door :

And using MQ2EQDraw, an adjusted, centrally located click box to easily open the door :


MQ2EQDraw is available as a compiled binary in the MMOBugs binary distribution. The source code is not available.