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Plugin Info
Name MQ2DPSAdv
Author Warnen
Link Forum Post
Commands /dpsadv
Source Available No
Uses INI File Yes


MQ2DPSAdv is designed to be the step up from MQ2DPS. It comes with a UI Window and is much more specific about the information it parses. The window displays information about live or past fights, depending on your selection.

Dpsadv.png Dpswnd2.png


  • /dpsadv show - Show the DPSAdv Window. The plugin does not parse while the window is hidden.
  • /dpsadv colors - Show the Raid Class Colors Window.
  • /dpsadv reload - Reload the INI File.
  • /dpsadv save - Manual Save to INI File.

Macro Data

UI File

Placing the UI File in EQDir/uifiles/default is recommended. After loading the plugin you will need to reload your UI for the window to show up.

Automatic Fight Display

The two current choices for automatic updating are <Target> and <MaxDmg>.

Using the <Target> Setting, the List will show the active fight of your target. It will only update to your target if your current target is an active fight, otherwise it will stay on the last active targetted fight until a new active target is found.

Using the <MaxDmg> Setting, the List will show the active fight with the most total damage. If the current Max Dmg mob dies, the plugin will update to show the dmg of the new max damage fight as as soon as it registers atleast one hit since the death of the last max dmg mob (It will still include all damage done to that mob since the start though).

All fights are saved in the dropdown and can be viewed individually.

Hit Modes

MQ2DPSAdv currently works with: For You Hit Other: Normal, Abbreviated, Numbers Only (Numbers Only can be inaccurate due to all damage being applied to your current target only, including ae attacks and ripostes.) For Other Hit Other: Normal, Abbreviated. (Does NOT work with Numbers Only).


Most options can be controlled via the settings tab in the UI window. However, the WarnedYHO, WarnedOHO, MeColor, MeTopColor, NormalColor, NPCColor, TotalColor, EntHover, & EntHighlight are manually set in the ini if required.

Settings Page

  • ShowMeTop: This will put an entry at the top of the list for your character.
  • -> Only < #: Causes you to show up at the top of the list only if you are below this rank.
  • UseRaidColors: Activates Raid Coloring. Non-Class Colors changable in INI (Read Below).
  • LiveUpdate: Will cause the DPS Listing to update as soon as damage comes in. This may be CPU Intensive.
  • Show Total: Options to show Total Fight Damage at Top (Above or Below ShowMeTop) or at Bottom.
  • Fight I/A: Amount of time before a fight will be marked In-Active, and not used for MaxDmg. Default 8.
  • Fight T/O: Amount of time before a fight Time's Out and is marked Dead. Default 30.
  • Entry T/O: Amount of time inbetween attacks that must pass to not be counted towards Time DPS Calculation. Should be at least 7 due to DoT-Only Damage being every Tic (6 Seconds). Default 8.

Sample Ini File



Sample Ini File Explanation

  • UseRaidColors will pull Class Colors directly from the Raid Window Coloring. To bring this up while not in a raid, use /dpsadv colors.
  • WarnedYHO=1 Stops the plugin from putting out hitmodes warnings for You Hit Others
  • WarnedOHO=1 Stops the plugin from putting out hitmodes warnings for Others Hit Others
  • The other above mentioned options are coloring options that must be in the format of 8 digit hexadecimal.

Known Bugs

  • Fight List combo box will jump to top of scroll if it gets updated while its open.

Version History

*== 5/21/09 == 1.2.02d

    • Most recent version

*== 3/13/09 == 1.2.02

    • Fixed a bug that caused the plugin to keep parsing after closing the window and before zoning.
    • Fixed a crash related to charmed mobs.
    • New Colors: EntHover, EntHighlight.
    • /dpsadv copy - Untested - Will copy ini settings from a different char name.

*== 2/27/09 == 1.2.01

    • Fixed a bug with settings not loading/assigning properly for first time.
    • Fixed/Improved code for zoning and removing pointers that may have caused decreased performance or crash.
    • Fixed a bug causing MaxDmg to include InActive if there were Active mobs.

*== 2/19/09 == 1.2.00

    • SpawnStruct Implimentation; A Spawn is assigned to each Fight and Entity/Entry to pull information if found.
    • Settings Page: Various settings available.
    • Pet Support: First checks name for `s pet, then checks Master ID in Spawn. Entrys with pets are marked with a *.
    • Pets no longer show as Fights.
    • Coloring Support: Option to use Raid Coloring for PC Classes. Other colors setable in INI. See Main Post.
    • Mercenary Support: Mercenary's will not show up as a Fight. When displayed as Entry, they are indicated by [M] and Utilize Coloring.
    • Option to Show yourself at the Top of the list.
    • Option to show Total Damage at Top (Above/Below ShowMeTop), or Bottom of list.
    • Several Code Changes / Improvements.
    • This update includes UI XML Changes. Make sure you replace the old UI File.

== 2/04/09 == 1.1.03

  • Fixed some Performance Code being skipped.
  • Added /dpsadv show command to re-show the window.
  • The window will save its open/closed status in INI File now.
  • Version now showed in the Window Title.

== 2/03/09 == 1.1.02

  • Crash bug fix.

== 2/03/09 == 1.1.01

  • Fixed fight list combo box updating in a loop.

== 2/03/09 == 1.1

  • Release


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Binary Compile. Source is not available.