MQ2CustomBinds - MMOBugs Wiki

Plugin Info
Name MQ2CustomBinds
Author MQ2 Devs
Commands /custombind
Source Available Yes
Uses INI File Yes


MQ2CustomBinds allows you to create custom binds and assign key combinations to them.


  • /custombind list Lists all your custom bind names and commands (the key combinations must be set using /bind)
  • /custombind add bindname Add a new bind called bindname ready for use.
  • /custombind delete bindname Remove the custom bind bindname.
  • /custombind clear name [-down|-up] This will clear a specific command for a custom bind. If -up or -down is not specified it defaults to -down.
  • /custombind set bindname [-down|-up] Will set a specific command for a custom bind. This too defaults to -down if not specified.

Example Usage

This plugin can be confusing if you do not follow instructions correctly.

Create the custom bind

  • /custombind add selospeed

Set the command to be issued, -down or -up are optionally, -down is used by default so you dont have to type.

  • /custombind set selospeed /twist 1

Bind the custombind to a key or key combination. Note: this is not a MQ2Custombinds command, it only sets the key to the custombind made by the plugin.

  • /bind selospeed shift+f


MQ2CustomBinds saves your custom binds to MQ2CustomBinds.txt (Note the .txt extension, which is commonly .ini with most plugins).


down=/twist 1
down=/echo ${Me.PctHPs}

Configuration Explanation

  • name: The name of the custom bind.
  • up: Command to execute when bind key combination is down.
  • down: Command to execute when bind key combination is up.


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile, MMOBugs Installable, and MMOBugs Source.