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Plugin Info
Name MQ2Cursor
Author s0rCieR
Link Wiki Link
Commands /cursor, /keep
Source Available Yes
Uses INI File Yes


MQ2Cursor is designed to be next evolution of MQ2AutoDestroy and MQ2FeedMe plugins.


Auto Keeps specified items, up to a desired quantity
Consumes, Drops, or Destroys items when the desired quantity is reached
Auto Sleeps when certain windows are opened (Spellbook, Casting, Bank, Give, Merchant, Trade,
GuildTributemaster, TributeMaster, GuildBank, Inventory, and Loot (unless otherwise specified))
A Quiet/Silent Operating Mode
Global On/Off flags
Autoloots your corpse when loot Window up


  • /cursor on|off|auto Turn plugin On/Off or Toggle
  • /cursor silent on|off|auto Turn Quiet Mode On/Off or Toggle
  • /cursor feeding Turn Feeding Mode On/Off or Toggle
  • /cursor dropping Turn Dropping Mode On/Off or Toggle
  • /cursor load|save Save/Load information from the INI file.
  • /cursor rem(ove)|del(ete) id Remove ID or (Item on Cursor).
  • /cursor list [partial name] List items in the cursor list along with their status (drop, protected, etc). A partial name can be supplied to further narrow down the list, but please remember that the partial name is case sensitive.
  • /cursor al(l(ways) Always keep those (Item On Cursor).
  • /cursor # [st(acks)] Keep quantity # (Item On Cursor).
  • /cursor random # Random humanish delay in ms 0=off.
  • /keep Keep Item on Cursor (and don't add it to the list).

Example Usage

/cursor 2 st
/cursor rem 1685
/cursor silent on
/cursor list Water


All settings are saved to the INI file <server>_<charname>.ini as the plugin is used. Editing this file is not necessary.


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile. The author's source can be found here.