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Plugin Info
Name MQ2ChatFilter
Version 1.14
Author htw
Uses INI File Yes


This plugin allows you to filter out lines that would go to your chat windows. Any lines that are filtered out, will not be shown in game. Good for spammers or other types of annoyances.

Note: If you have timestamps active, either through the default MQ settings, or with MQ2Timestamp loaded, the filtering will fail.


The plugin is configured via an INI file. Entries are a substring search, and are NOT case sensitive. Using /chatfilter without parameters will show command syntax.

Default settings for new characters added to the plugin INI file are read from [CF_Settings] and [CF_Filters]. Otherwise, they are read from [CF_Settings_Server_Char] and [CF_Filters_Server_Char].

Example of a character named Bubba on the Povar server:

Sample Configuration



Filter3=surrounded by the aura of the muse

Configuration Explanation

  • DefaultState: Controls the state of the plugin when you first log into game. If DefaultState=on, then filtering is enabled as soon as the plugin is loaded.
  • filter#: Where # = 1, 2, etc. See the example above. I.e., would filter out any chat lines with in it, before you ever saw the chat line in game.

Command Syntax

/chatfilter [help | on | off | load | save | add | del | clear | default | list | spam | debug]

  • on: Turns chat filtering on.
  • off: Turns chat filtering off.
  • load: Loads settings and filters from .ini file (any unsaved additions will be lost!).
  • save: Updates .ini file to match current options and filters that are active.
  • add: Add a new filter (ex: /chatfilter add "wtb plat" ).
  • del: Delete a filter (ex: /chatfilter del 15 ). Deletes filter #15.
  • clear: Clears all filters.
  • default: Toggles default status at plugin load (the .ini will be updated with this value).
  • list: Lists current filters.
  • spam: Toggles automatic filtering of (SPAM) lines.
  • debug: Toggles some debug messages to help with troubeshooting.


MQ2ChatFilter is available as part of the MMOBugs plugin distribution for all release types (Live, Test, Emu).