MQ2ChatEvents - MMOBugs Wiki

Plugin Info
Name MQ2ChatEvents
Author Persnickety
Commands /playsound, /ce


Play sound or Popup on chat event.


  • /playsound <EventKey> - Plays sound file associated with given key
  • /ce <Sound|Popup|MissedChat|MissedChatEcho|Commands|verbose|on|off|reload|help>
    • Sound : Toggles playing of custom sounds
    • Popup : Toggles displaying of custom popups
    • MissedChat : Toggles popup notification after missing chat while zoning
    • MissedChatEcho : Toggles echoing of missed chat to MQ window
    • Commands : Toggles executing custom commands
    • On : Turns plugin On
    • Off : Turns plugin Off
    • Reload : Reload INI file
    • Help : Displays the in game commands and show the current settings



This plugin is available as a compiled binary in the MMOBugs binary distribution. The source code is not available