MQ2CEcho - MMOBugs Wiki

Plugin Info
Name MQ2CEcho
Version 1.01
Author htw
Commands /cecho /cechob
Uses INI File No


MQ2CEcho is a plugin that adds the /cecho and /cechob commands, which work the same as /echo, except allows color codes to be used.


MQ2CEcho provides these commands:

  • /cecho text will display the text in the MQ2 window.
  • /cechob text will display the text in the MQ2 window in 'bare' format, i.e. without the preceding [MQ2] marker.

Example: /cecho Hello \arthere \a-gmy friend!!

Color Codes

The color codes available are as follows:

\ab = black \ag = green \am = maroon \ao = orange \ap = purple \ar = red \at = cyan (or teal) \au = blue \aw = white \ax = default (which will do whatever the previous color was, the one before the last color change) \ay = yellow

You can put a - in front of any of those, to make it 'dark'. The general effect of it is: \a-b no effect really, still black! \a-g = dark green \a-m = dark maroon \a-o = dark orange (looks brown to me) \a-p = dark purple \a-r = dark red \a-t = dark cyan \a-u = dark blue \a-w = gray \a-x = same as \ax \a-y = dark yellow (looks gold)


This plugin comes with the MMOBugs binary and install distributions. Source code is not available.

Note: latest version of EMU ROF2, and other MQ builds have removed this as it is redundant to core.