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Plugin Info
Name MQ2BardSwap
Author Cr4zyb4rd
Link Wiki Link
Commands /bardswap
Source Available Yes
Uses INI File Yes


MQ2BardSwap automatically swaps weapons with instruments as needed by bards.

Set your ini file up and toggle bardswap on with the /bardswap command. The ini doesn't have to be exactly like the example ini at the bottom of this wiki. The easiest way to think about it is, if a Stringed song is started to be sung the command listed in the ini file will execute. This can be an /exchange, /bandolier, /echo or any other number of commands (see Requirements).


MQ2BardSwap needs any additional plugin loaded to support your configuration. Given the example INI at the bottom of this wiki, it uses /exchange. That would require you to load the MQ2Exchangeplugin. If the command is built into base MQ (MQ2Main) or is an EverQuest command, then no additional plugins are needed.


  • /bardswap Toggles swapping on/off.
  • /bardswap melee Toggles melee swap delay on/off.

Example Usage

Usage is simple, once you have your INI setup toggle the plugin on and it will start swapping instruments for the different types of songs.

Macro Data

This plugin adds a new TLO.

  • ${BardSwap} : bool - Returns true if bardswap is on, false if bardswap is off.

TLO Members and Examples

  • ${BardSwap.Swapping} : bool returns the status of swapping.
  • ${BardSwap.Excluded} : bool returns true/false based on if the current song is excluded from swapping logic
  • ${BardSwap.MeleeSwap} : bool returns the status of Melee swapping.
  • ${BardSwap.Delay} : int returns the melee swap delay as set in the ini.
  • ${BardSwap.Casting} : string returns the current spell/song being cast/sung.
  • ${BardSwap.CurrentSwap} : string returns the name of currently swapped instrument or weapon.


MQ2Bardswap configuration is read/written with the MQ2BardSwap_CharacterName_ServerName.ini file. If character named Bubba on Povar server, it would be: MQ2BardSwap_Bubba_Povar.ini

Sample Configuration

Horn=/exchange "Trumpet of the Dragon Goddess" mainhand
Drum=/exchange "Thunderous Drum of Karana" mainhand
Weapons=/exchange "Blade of Vesagran" mainhand
;Instruments don't have an effect on these
Exclude1=Requiem of Time
Exclude2=Selo's Rhythm of Speed
Exclude3=Selo`s Assonant Strane
Exclude4=Song of Sustenance
Exclude5=Alenia`s Disenchanting Melody
;no swap for my Selo's AA
Exclude6=Selo`s Accelerating Chorus
;or lute of the flowing waters click
Exclude7=Wind of Marr

Configuration Explanation

  • Horn: When you sing a brass instrument song this item will be swapped to your mainhand slot before cast is up to get the extra boost from the item.
  • Delay: This is the melee weapon swap delay (in 10's of seconds).
  • Lute: DISABLED means the plugin will not do any swapping if this type of song is played.
  • Weapons: This is the item to swap back to once the song has been sung.
  • Exclude#: If you want to exclude a specific song do so in the [Exclude] section of the ini file.

Version History

  • 1.1 Cr4zyb4rd @ 2004-09-25
    • Use spell structs instead of parsing MQ2Data complete rewrite of swapping logic, melee swapping should work in all situations


This plugin is included with the MMOBugs Compile.